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James Allan Stewart’s Confederation Broadcasting (Ottawa) Ltd. Opened CKPM on June 6. The station broadcast on a frequency of 1440 kHz and power was  10,000 watts, day and night. Studios were located at 140 Wellington Street. The transmitter and three towers were situated along Greenbank Road. CKPM had a “good music, limited commercial” format. The station was an independent with no network affiliation.



Barry Savage was general and station manager of CKPM. Bill Stewart was manager director. Frank Cantur was morning man. Lee Payne was news director. Bob Payne was librarian. Brian Thomas was chief operator and chief engineer. 



Robert John (Jack) Thompson, 53, died on January 25. He was moderator of CKPM's open line program. He came to the station in 1964 as news director. 

At this time CKPM was offering some automated programming. 

Broadcast News was the main source of news for radio stations in Canada but only a handful at this time were subscribing to BN's voice (audio) service. CKPM was one of those stations.


On March 25, CKPM had its licence renewed only to December 31. The CRTC decided that the 1440 frequency in Ottawa would be subject to reassignment because the licencee did not demonstrate its ability to carry out its responsibilities under the Broadcasting Act (did not live up to the requirements of management 
and financial control of the station).

On December 17, CKPM’s licence was renewed to March 31, 1971 as the owner and CRTC were awaiting a decision from the Supreme Court of Canada on the Commission’s earlier decision to cancel the station’s licence. Confederation Broadcasting (Ottawa) Ltd. had earlier been granted leave to appeal the loss of its licence to the high court. 

W.O. Morrison was appointed executive vice president and general manager of CKPM, effective July 1.


On March 15, CKPM’s licence was renewed to June 30 as all parties were still waiting for a court decision.

In April, the Supreme Court of Canada ruled CKPM did not get a fair hearing before the CRTC.

On June 29, the licence was renewed again to June 30, 1972.

A new hearing was held and in its decision on CKPM's future, the CRTC suggested Geoff Stirling had indirect control of a majority of the shares. Stirling's role in the station had been previouslly declared to the BBG so the CRTC ruled there was no deliberate attempt to mislead the commission.


On January 21, CKPM’s licence was renewed to June 30, 1973.

On April 21, approval was granted for the transfer of Confederation Broadcasting (Ottawa) Ltd. from J. A. Stewart to CFTO-TV Ltd. and a group of Ottawa residents (W.O. Morrison, B. Bruce Philip, C.S. Bergh, R.L. MacDonald and S. Blair Dunlop). CFTO would own 60% of the shares. CKPM Vice President W. O. Morrison would head the local investor group (40%).

CKPM changed its call letters to CFGO ("GO" for Greater Ottawa) on June 21.


On June 22, Confederation Broadcasting (Ottawa) Ltd. had its licence for CFGO renewed to only December 31, 1974 over programming and promise of performance concerns. The CRTC also noted that there were corporate organizational differences.

On the same date, CFGO 1440 was granted an increase in power from 10,000 watts day and night to 50,000 watts day and night. The power increase took place later in the year. Four 175 foot towers were constructed on a new site at Woodroffe and Greenbank Roads. 


Joe Evans joined for mid-days from CJME in Regina. 



Announcers included Jim West (mornings), Joe Evans (middays) and Rick Shannon (evenings). Evans left for CJBK in London.



Chuck Phillips was doing the morning show.



CFGO installed a new Moseley STL (studio-transmitter link).

The morning show featured Peter Emerson and Chuck Phillips. Steve Madely did news and Louise Sauve handled traffic. 

CJOH-TV's Max Keeping did a noontime commentary that was aired 3 times a week. 


In July, Mike Irvin joined CFGO as producer.



CFGO moved to new studios and offices at 1575 Carling Ave. 



Fred Denney became morning host. Randy Tieman was sports director.



Management consultant Gerry R. McKee was named CFGO's general sales manager.

John Hayes (John Derringer) joined from CKJD in Sarnia to do the 2-6 a.m. air shift.


Sports director Randy Tieman left for CFCF-TV Montreal (around 1983). He would be replaced by Tony Towers. 



Paul Nuttall became vice president and general manager.

CFGO news director Michael Seniuk died October 4 at age 37. He had been with the station for seven years, the past three as news director.

On November 15, CFGO Radio Ltd. was authorized to change CFGO's frequency from 1440 kHz to 1200 kHz. Power would remain 50,000 watts day and night. The change would improve CFGO's signal to the west and centre of Ottawa.

Announcers included John Harada (mornings), Frank Sassin (afternoons), and Jay Douglas (aka Jack Brisson), who joined for the 6-9 p.m. in June.


Jay Douglas moved from 6-9 p.m. to 1-6 a.m. in March and then left in June. 

John Harada and Mary Anne Carpentier were now co-hosting CFGO's morning show.

Ken Swirsky became general sales manager.


Assistant news director Craig Steenburgh left to become news director at CJET/



On January 5, CFGO moved from 1440 kHz to 1200 kHz. Power remained 50,000 watts day and night. An exchange of land with the city provided a site adjacent to the old 1440 location. The new array had two lengthened and four new towers. Three were used during the day and six at night.

At this time, CFGO moved from an all-hit format to "Adult Rock". However, within a few months, CFGO returned to the all-hit format.

Later in the year CFGO began broadcasting in stereo, using the Motorola C-Quam system.

Mark Elliot was doing the evening show at CFGO.


On August 31, Baton sold CFGO to Rawlco Communications Ltd. This was Rawlco's first acquisition in eastern Canada. The company owned CFFR Calgary and six stations in Saskatchewan. Rawlco planned to invest $375,000 in CFGO during the next five years. $300,000 of that would be spent on technical improvements, including AM Stereo. The station's format would remain adult contemporary, and programming expenditures would be increased by almost 50%.

Bill Parker became CFGO's news director. He had been with CFFR Calgary.


CFGO became "Energy 1200" with a contemporary hits format on March 8. The format had been adult contemporary. The Morning Zoo was launched, featuring Doug Veronelly, Pam Newton, and Bumper Steve McWade. Other announcers at this time: Robert W. Knight (afternoons) and James Graham. 



Mike Rose was on the air in the evenings. 



Doug Veronelly & Pam Newton hosted the morning show. Other announcers: John Powers and Betsy Stapleton. 



Steve Kennedy Joined Energy 1200.



Steve Kennedy was the mid-day announcer.



On April 25, the CRTC approved CFGO's application to relocate its transmitter site approximately 7.5 kilometers southwest of the existing site. The change was designed to eliminate interference caused by the existing transmitter facility within the Barrhaven community of the City of Nepean. 

Steve Kennedy (K-man the Hitman) left Energy 1200.


Announcer line-up: Brian Scott & Pan Newton (mornings), Ken O'Brien (mid-days), Robert W. Knight (afternoons), and Tracy Evans (evenings). The news department included Jan Logan and Flash Ferguson (sports).



On-air: mornings - Andy Cockburn, Mike Ross; mid-days - Tracy Evans, Mike Ross; afternoons - Robert W. Knight, Mike Ross; evenings - Mike Ross. News: Wayne Parkinson, Janet Moke.



It was announced in the summer that Ottawa sports fans would get an around-the-clock all-sports radio station in September. In a format change, The Buzz 1200, now top 40, would be replaced by OSR - Ottawa Sports Radio. It would join The Fan (CJCL) Toronto as Canada's second 24-hour, all-sports station.

On September 9, at 7:30 a.m., CJBZ 1200 "The Buzz" with a CHR format became "OSR 1200" with an all-sports format. Any sports programming that had aired on sister station CFRA 580 was moved to CJBZ. (OSR = Ottawa Sports Radio).

On-Air: mornings were hosted by Brian Scott, Mark Brennae, Mike Ross, and Janet Moke. John Rodenberg and Mark Hebsher were heard in afternoons.

In November, Howie Mooney replaced Mark Brennae in the morning team.

More on-air - Weekends: Kevin Haime, Howard Bloom, Frank Papineau. News: Wayne Parkinson, Mike Cleaver (joined in June 1999). Sports: Steve Lloyd, Mike Ross, Brian Duff, Paul Johnson (AKA Jack Sanders). Ottawa Senators: Dean Brown (play by play) Gord Wilson (analyst), Brian Duff (host), Mike Ross (locker room reporter), Steve Lloyd (locker room reporter), Marc Saberton (producer).


CHUM Limited announced it had purchased Rawlco's Ottawa stations, CFGO (OSR 1200) and CJMJ-FM (Majic 100). CHUM Group Radio President Jim Waters said the Rawlco stations were a natural fit, complimenting CHUM's existing stations, CFRA and CKKL (KOOL-FM). It was last year that CFGO bought away CFRA's rights to Ottawa Senators broadcasts and launched Ottawa Sports Radio OSR 1200. 

Rawlco Inc. sold 87.5% of Rawlco (Ottawa) Ltd., owner of CFGO and CJMJ, to CHUM Limited. Rawlco retained the remaining 12.5% interest. CHUM already owned CFRA, CKKL-FM and CHRO-TV in Ottawa. 

Alan Davis became CJBZ (Ottawa Sports Radio) program director. He had been with SUN-FM Halifax and was with Telemedia (CJCL) before that.

Liam Maguire replaced Howie Mooney in the morning team.

In February Jim Jerome replaced Mark Hebsher in the afternoon drive team.

Later in the year, the morning show was hosted by Geoff Franklin, John Rodenberg & Jim Jerome. Rob Glazer hosted mid-days. Afternoons were handled by Duke Ellingson & Don Romani. Weekends: Kevin Haime, Howard Bloom, Liam Maguire, Frank Papineau. News: John Brenner, Wayne Parkinson. Sports: Dave Schreiber, Dean Roberts, Mike Ross, Steve Lloyd, Brian Duff. Ottawa Senators: Dean Brown (play by play) Gord Wilson (analyst), Brian Duff (host), Mike Ross (locker room reporter), Steve Lloyd (locker room reporter), Marc Saberton (producer). 

In the Fall, CJBZ “OSR 1200” returned to the CFGO call letters. 

In November, producer Mike Irvin left the station.


On-Air: mornings - Geoff Franklin, Steve Warne & Jim Jerome. Mid-days - Rob Glazer. Afternoons - Duke Ellingson & Don Romani. Weekends - Kevin Haime, Howard Bloom, Liam Maguire, Frank Papineau. News - John Brenner, Wayne Parkinson, Mike Cleaver. Sports - Dave Schreiber, Dean Roberts, Mike Ross, Steve Lloyd, Brian Duff. Ottawa Senators - Dean Brown (play by play) Gord Wilson (analyst), Brian Duff (host), Mike Ross (locker room reporter), Steve Lloyd (locker room reporter), Marc Saberton (producer).

Later in the year Rob Glazer was replaced in mid-days by John Rodenberg.

In October, CHUM Ottawa opened new studios and offices - the 46,000 square foot CHUM Market Media Mall - located in the heart of the Byward Market at 87 George Street. The facility houses CFGO, CHRO-TV, CKKL-FM, CJMJ-FM, and CFRA-AM.


KOOL-FM (CKKL) program director Chris Gordon was promoted to operations manager for CHUM's Ottawa radio stations - The Team (CFGO), CFRA, KOOL-FM and Majic 100 (CIMJ-FM).

On May 7, CHUM Group Radio launched The Team all-sports national radio network. CFGO Team 1200 is part of the network. As a result, Geoff Franklin moved to various duties at CHUM Radio Ottawa. John Rodenburg moved from mid-days to mornings. In the 9-10 am slot, it's Brian Henderson & Gene Valaitis, followed from 10-noon by Valaitis (on his own). Both shows originated at CHUM Toronto.


On August 27, The Team Radio Network disbanded. CFGO remained all-sports with the Team 1200 name. 

On November 13, CFGO was granted a licence to operate transitional digital radio undertakings (DRU) to serve Ottawa. Three transmitters were used: one was located at the CBC's site at Camp Fortune, Quebec. The other two transmitters were located in Ottawa, one at the CBC's building on Lanark Avenue and the other at the Time MCI Las Brisas building. All three transmitters operated in a single frequency network, using 1487.696 MHz (DRB channel 21) with an effective isotropic radiated power of 5,928 watts, 2,850 watts and 2,965 watts, respectively. The transmitters employed the EUREKA-147 digital audio broadcasting system.


Allan Waters, the founder of CHUM Limited, owner of CFGO, passed away at the age of 84, on December 3rd.



On July 12 it was announced that Bell Globemedia would pay C$1.7 billion for CHUM Ltd., in a deal that would see the company become part of the BCE-owned media conglomerate, subject to CRTC approval.  On August 31, the two companies announced that BGM had been successful in its offer to acquire approximately 6.7 million common shares and approximately 19.2 million non-voting Class B shares of CHUM.  The shares were to be placed in the hands of an independent trustee pursuant to a voting trust agreement approved by the CRTC.

On December 12th, it was announced that Bell Globemedia would henceforth be known as CTVglobemedia.


A CRTC hearing on the CTVglobemedia application to acquire the assets of CHUM Limited was held on April 30th 2007.  On June 8 the CRTC approved the acquisition of CHUM Ltd. by CTVglobemedia, on condition that CTV sell off its five City-TV stations, CITY-TV Toronto, CHMI-TV Portage La Prairie/Winnipeg, CKEM-TV Edmonton, CKAL-TV Calgary and CKVU-TV Vancouver.   Rogers Communications announced on June 25th that a deal had been reached for them to buy these stations from CTV, subject to CRTC approval. Among the CHUM assets acquired by CTVglobemedia in the deal were seven television stations, including CHRO-TV Pembrooke,  21 specialty channels and some 33 radio stations, including CFGO-AM.


On July 25, Team 1200 morning co-host Tim "Buzz" Kilpatrick died. He was 41.



3 full time, 2 part time, and 10 contract staff were relieved of their duties at CHUM Radio Ottawa in November. The changes affected long time employee Dave Mitchell (program director CFRA/TEAM 1200) as well as part time Majic 100 announcer/operator Drew Corley along with CFRA talk show hosts Ron Corbett, Rabbi Reuven Bulka, Professor Gerry Cammy, and hosts of "Middle Aged Bald Guys" Alan Flemming and Jim Hurcomb. At a staff meeting, general manager Richard Gray announced that Al Smith (PD for Majic 100 and 939 BOB FM) would move to operations manager for all four stations, with "JR" John Rodenburg (TEAM 1200 morning co-host) assuming sports director duties, and CFRA news director Steve Winogron looking after CFRA's on air sound.



Long time Ottawa sports broadcaster Dave "The Voice" Schreiber semi-retired. Effective January, he would no longer anchor sportscasts on TEAM 1200 and CFRA. He would continue his play by play broadcasts for the NHL Ottawa Senators and OHL Ottawa 67's.

Kristin Marand joined CHUM Radio Ottawa. She would be heard on various weekend and evening shifts on BOB-FM (CKKL) and occasional 20/20 updates on TEAM 1200 (CFGO). Kristin had previously been on-air with Corus Winnipeg's Power 97 (CJKR) and CJOB/68.

Al Smith, Program Director of 939 BOB FM and Majic 100 was appointed Operations Manager for CHUM Radio Ottawa. Dave Mitchell, PD at CFRA and Team 1200, plus Majic 100 announcer Drew Corley, an engineer and two copy writers were let go. Five other employees had their hours reduced. The move, said Vice President & General Manager Richard Gray, was intended to strengthen the on-air product to face new competition posed by recently licensed FM'ers owned by Astral Media and by Torres Radio. Mitchell had been with the company for 30 years. Other changes included John Rodenburg adding Sports Director for the cluster and Program Coordinator for Team 1200 to his duties as that station's morning show co-host, Ian March as Assistant Program Director/Music Director at both Majic 100 and BOB FM and Steve Winogron, along with his News Director responsibilities, also focusing on day-to-day programming at CFRA.

Al Smith left CHUM Radio Ottawa (CFGO, CFRA, CIMJ, CKKL) as operation manager to take up the same position at Astral Media Radio in London.


On March 7, the CRTC approved an application by BCE Inc. on behalf of CTVglobemedia Inc., for authority to change the effective control of CTVgm's licensed broadcasting subsidiaries to BCE. The Commission concluded that the transaction would be beneficial to the Canadian broadcasting system by ensuring the long-term stability of a significant Canadian television network and advancing the Commission's objective of providing relevant high-quality Canadian programming to Canadians through conventional and new media distribution channels. BCE was a public corporation and controlled by its board of directors. Before this approval, BCE held 15% of the voting interest in the capital of CTVgm. The other shareholders were 1565117 Ontario Limited (a corporation ultimately controlled by Mr. David Kenneth R. Thomson) (40% of the voting interest), Ontario Teacher's Plan Board (25% of the voting interest) and Torstar Corporation (20% of the voting interest). Under the transaction agreement dated September 10, 2010, BCE would acquire the remaining 85% of the voting interest in the capital of CTVgm and would therefore exercise effective control. 

On March 15, CTV Inc., CTV Corp., CTV Limited and CTVglobemedia Inc. amalgamated to continue as CTV Inc.

In March, CHUM Radio President Chris Godon announced that Dave Daigle had been appointed to Vice President, Sales, CHUM Radio. Dave was Sales Manager for CHUM's Ottawa stations. He would continue to be based in Ottawa. Brad Ronald was appointed general sales manager, Bell Media Radio Ottawa. He started his radio career with CHUM Group Radio in Ottawa in 1976.

BCE Inc. announced on April 1 that it had completed its acquisition of CTV and that it had launched Bell Media (replacing CTVglobemedia), a new business unit that would make CTV programs and other Bell content available on smartphones and computers as well as traditional television. In addition to CTV and its television stations, Bell Media now also operated 29 specialty channels, 33 radio stations, Dome Productions, a mobile broadcast facilities provider, and dozens of high-traffic news, sports and entertainment websites, including the portal.

The CRTC approved a change to the ownership of Bell Media Inc., from BCE Inc. to Bell Canada. This transaction would not affect effective control of Bell Media Inc. and of its licensed broadcasting subsidiaries, which continued to be exercised by BCE Inc. Bell Media Inc. held, directly and through its licensed broadcasting subsidiaries, various radio and television programming undertakings as well as specialty and pay-per-view television services.

On August 22, the CRTC approved the applications by BCE Inc., on behalf of Bell Media Inc. and 7550413 Canada Inc., carrying on business as Bell Media Ottawa Radio Partnership, for authority to acquire, as part of a corporate reorganization, CFRA, CFGO, CKKL-FM and CJMJ-FM Ottawa. Bell Media, the managing partner holding 99.99% of the voting interest in the general partnership, is wholly owned by Bell Canada and controlled by BCE. 7550413, the other partner holding the remaining 0.01% of the voting interest in the general partnership, is wholly owned by Bell Media and is also controlled by BCE. BCE submitted that the purpose of this corporate reorganization was to realize tax efficiencies. The Commission noted that this transaction would not affect the effective control of the undertakings which would continue to be exercised by BCE.

Jon Abbott left TEAM 1200 where he had been doing OHL play by play along with sports anchoring, to take a new job with the Toronto Marlies of the AHL. 

Carolyne Desnoyers was named sales supervisor at Bell Media Radio Ottawa. 

Bell Media announced that as of October 5, CKGM (The Team 990 - Montreal) and CFRW (Sports Radio 1290 - Winnipeg) would rebrand as TSN Radio 990 and TSN 1290, respectively, joining CHUM (TSN Radio 1050 - Toronto) to form the TSN Radio network. Both stations would maintain local schedules, although TSN announced that there would be some talent exchange amongst the stations. TSN also said that CFGO (The Team 1200 - Ottawa), and CKST and CFTE (The Team 1040 and The Team 1410 - Vancouver) would work closely with the network. 

Robert Edgley became director of engineering, IT and building maintenance at CTV Ottawa, succeeding Art Clarke, the manager, engineering and IT, who retired at 49. Edgley would direct the CTV Ottawa, /A Ottawa and CHUM Radio Ottawa engineering teams and the building/security team. He joined Baton Broadcasting (now CTV) in 1991. 

Brad Ronald, a 35-year veteran with Bell Media Radio Ottawa, was promoted from retail sales manager to cluster general sales manager.


Sixteen Bell Media Ottawa staffers, on-air and a manager, were let go in February in what was described as a corporate restructuring at CTV Ottawa, CFRA, Majic 100, Bob FM and Team 1200. Among those dismissed were CFRA talk show Host Michael Harris and reporter Gord McDougall; Team 1200's Jim Jerome, Phil Melanson and Mike Sutherland; Majic 100's Steve Boynton; BOB FM's Tina Sapp; marketing director for Bell Media Radio Ottawa and CTV Two Ottawa Al Macartney; and CTV Ottawa's promotion manager, Brent Corbeil.

J.R. Ello was named promotions manger at Bell Media Ottawa. He would be responsible for all promotional and community relations activity for Majic 100, 93.9 BOB FM, CFRA, Team 1200, CTV Ottawa and CTV Two Ottawa. 

Bell Media created four new regional VP positions for radio and local television. They would report to Chris Gordon, president, radio & local TV, Bell Media. Richard Gray, VP Ottawa Radio (CFGO/CFRA/CJMJ/CKKL and CTV Two (CHRO-TV) Ottawa, would be responsible for Atlantic Canada, Quebec, Northern and Eastern Ontario. Local GMs at radio and TV stations would now report to Gray.

Jack Derouin died at age 67. The two-year retired Derouin had been general sales manager at CHUM Radio Ottawa.

On August 8, the CRTC administratively renewed the licence for CFGO until August 31, 2013.

In early September, Steve Lloyd and Jason York took over the mid-day show. The new afternoon show was hosted by Dave Gross and Shawn Simpson. Lee Versage now handled the role as afternoon 20-20 host and was also co-host of Offside with Eric and host of the Buzz on Jr. Hockey. AJ Jakubec took over as the sole play by play voice of the 67's as Dave Schrieber decided to end his junior commitments to concentrate on his role as PXP voice of the Sens filling in for Dean Brown. Matt Kaunisviita continued to do 20-20's on a fill-in basis, along with producing live play by play.


Bell Media announced that the TEAM radio stations in Vancouver and Ottawa would be re-branded as TSN Radio giving the brand a presence in 5 of 7 Canadian cities with NHL franchises.

There was another major lay-off at Bell Media Ottawa. Among those let go were TEAM 1200's Jim Jerome.

In September, CFGO rebranded from Team 1200 to TSN 1200.


On November 8, CFGO became available in HD at 100.3 on the FM dial – CJMJ-FM-HD channel 3.

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