Wonders of the Wild

Broadcast Run: 
1989 to 1992
Broadcast Medium: 

Quebec filmmaker and naturalist Jean-Louis Frund explored the wildlife world from the Canadian Arctic to the tip of Argentina in this series of half-hour specials. Each program revealed many unknown behaviors of animals, leading to a better understanding and respect of wildlife altogether. From arresting footage of sea lions cramming the Kerouard Islands off Canada's Pacific coast during mating season, to rare coverage of the majestic herds of wild horses on Sable Island, Frund's expert eye captured it all.

Broadcast: 1989 - 1992
Time slot: Friday 8:30 pm, then Wednesday 7:30 pm
Running time: 30 minutes

Production Company: Les Productions Jean-Louis Frund (St-Edouard, Quebec) in association with the Global Television Network, Telefilm Canada, TV Ontario, TV 5 and The Discovery Channel
Producer/Director: Jean-Louis Frund

Written by Joanne Ingrassia - June, 2002


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