Wild Roses

Broadcast Run: 
Broadcast Medium: 

This weekly drama was set in contemporary Alberta featuring two fictional families

Steve Byers, Gary Hudson, Adam Macdonald

that battled for land, oil and cattle, the Henrys and the McGregors. Billed as "a tale of family loyalties, love, betrayal and alliances", Wild Roses was also about the geography of Southern Alberta and what tied families to the land.

Created by Amy and Tassie Cameron.
Produced by Miranda DePencier
Written by Peter Hume, Matt MacLennan, James Thorpe and Graham Clegg.

The series debuted on January 6, 2009 at 9pm, but by the end of April the CBC had announced that Wild Roses would not be renewed for the 2009-2010 season. 

Sarah Power, Kim Huffman, Michelle Harrison

Principal Cast:

Sarah Power as Lucy Henry
Michelle Harrison as Kate Henry
Gary Hudson as David McGregor
Kim Huffman as Maggie Henry
Clare Stone as Charlotte Henry
Steve Byers as Will McGregor
Adam MacDonald as Peter McGregor
Amy Lalonde as Rebecca McGregor

Written by John Corcelli - December, 2008

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