Week The Women Went, The

Broadcast Run: 
2008 to 2009
Broadcast Medium: 

Debuted Monday January 21, 2008 at 8PM. 

The signs were there......

The first season of this 8-part reality series chronicled the lives of the men and children of Hardisty, Alberta after all the women left for one week. The men stayed behind to look after their children, their meals and their housework for seven days, while the women took a holiday together at a resort. Its theme was the changing roles of men and women in the 21st Century and what would happen when one half of the equation was taken away for a period of time. The series was based on one of the same name, and with the same concept, that was produced for the BBC in the U.K.

The town of Hardisty, population 761, was located 205 KM south of Edmonton, east of Camrose. It was established in 1906. The natural setting and beautiful landscape offered viewers a scenic backdrop to the story as it unfolded. Based in Vancouver, Paperny Films, makers of documentaries and reality television shows since 1994, produced the series in co-operation with the CBC.

Hardisty: It all begins.....

 In January 2009, The Week the Women Left returned with a further series of eight programs, this time located in the fishing village of Tatamagouche, Nova Scotia.

 As the year 2011 arrived, no new episodes of this series had been announced by CBC.






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