Stargate SG-1

Broadcast Run: 
1997 to 2007
Broadcast Medium: 

This science-fiction series starred Richard Dean Anderson as Colonel Jonathan "Jack" O'Neill, team leader of Stargate SG-1, and was based on the 1994 theatrical film "Stargate". In the film, scientists and military types investigated an inter-dimensional portal that led to a new planet named Abydos. In the series, there were multiple stargates through which the team explored new worlds. But many of the planets they visited were overrun by the Gou'ald, a race of powerful, snake-like alien parasites prone to masquerading as gods. Other characters included Doctor Daniel Jackson (Michael Shanks), astrophysicist Major Samantha Carter (Amanda Tapping), medical officer Doctor Janet Fraiser (Teryl Rothery), alien Teal'c (Christopher Judge), and Commanding Officer General George Hammond (Don S. Davis). Filmed in Vancouver, the series first premiered on U.S. Showtime Network before appearing in worldwide syndication in 1999, including on CHCH-TV, then part of the Global Television Network. It continued as filler programming on various Global stations.

Broadcast: 1999 -

Time slot: Saturday 1:00 pm and at various times as filler on other Global stations Running time: 60 minutes

Written by Joanne Ingrassia - June, 2002

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