Raiders of the South Seas

Broadcast Run: 
1994 to 1996
Broadcast Medium: 

This series was set in the small New Zealand fishing port of Whangaroa, a town plunged into chaos when a mysterious ship was spotted during World War II. The locals discovered that it was a Chilean fisherman blown off course, but they nevertheless decide to falsely condemn him as being a foreign spy, and put him under a restraining order. Two young boys, Jack and Billy, befriended the "Raider" and stopped an attempt by smugglers to use his ship for illicit trading purposes. In the end, the boys proved the fisherman was innocent of all charges.

Production Company: Atlantis Films (Canada) and south Pacific Pictures Limited (New Zealand), in association with the CanWest Global System and TV/NZ
Executive Producers: John McRae, Don Reynolds, and Michael MacMillan (Atlantis Films president)
Episodes: 8
Running Time: 30 minutes
Time Slot 8:30 pm
1994 - 1996

Written by Joanne Ingrassia - May, 2002


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