Neon Rider

Starring Winston Rekert, Neon Rider was a series about a former University of Toronto professor and one-time alcoholic, now a best-selling author on teenage misbehavior, who created a camp for wayward teenagers on a ranch in the
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Rockies. A Vancouver youth organization (which was based loosely on a real organisation sent kids to the ranch, where a resident staff dispensed wisdom and kindness.

Other cast members included Antoinette Bower, William S. Taylor, Suzanne Errett-Balcom, Samuel Sarkar, Alex Bruhanski and Peter Williams. Produced for CTV by Atlantis, the one-hour series had its debut on the network in September 1990 on Saturdays at 10:00pm. Despite being moved to a more appropriate 8:00pm time slot in 1991, the series never took off, and was gone a year later. However, it remained in production in syndication for a further three years.

Written by Pip Wedge - June, 2002