Double Up

Aired Monday nights during the summer of 1974. Aired two Saturday evenings September 28 and October 5, 1974.
This game show was a replacement for the panel show, This Is The Law. It was created by Jack Budgell and Danny Finkleman, who later went on to host Finkleman's 45s on CBC Radio.
The show was hosted by Hart Pomerantz,  and the format was similar to You Bet Your Life, the 1950s show hosted by Groucho Marx. Double Up also had a simple question-and-answer type of quiz. The show's title referred to the fact that, of the three competing pairs of contestants on each show, one would return at the conclusion for the chance to double their money. Much of the potential success of such a simple format depended on the cleverness of Pomerantz, but despite his efforts, the show did not return, except for two Saturday evening slots before hockey season opened.

Written by John Corcelli - August, 2005