Fit Stop, The

Aired Tuesdays, after school, from February to June, 1974; December 1974 to April, 1975.
In the early Seventies, getting fit was all the rage. Participaction, the federal government program designed to encourage fitness and well-being in Canadians, sparked a lot of new fitness shows on television.
This program was created by the CBC's Schools and Youth department. The Fit Stop was a series of 30 minute programs aimed at high school students. The hosts were Jan Tennant, a familiar host on Reach For The Top, and Clarke Wallace, a fitness instructor.
The series stressed light workouts and low-cost sports such as badminton, tennis, skiing and basketball. Noreen Young, a puppeteer, offered a lighter, more entertaining mix to the show with her talking helmets and knapsack, all designed to encourage young bodies to move.

Written by John Corcelli - August, 2005