Second Look, A

Aired Sunday afternoons from January 5 to March 16, 1969.

One of the many popular programs on BBC was The Frost Report with David Frost. It was a mix of irreverent comedy and commentary based on topics usually lifted from the News. This 30-minute CBC program was modelled after the British show, and featured Terry David Mulligan and Bill Reiter, from radio.

Each week a specific subject was lampooned or satirized. The first show took a shot at man's infatuation with machines. Subsequent programs looked at doctors, transportation, communications and women. The show had a writing team and a comedy team, mostly based in Vancouver, where the show was produced.


Mickie Maunsell, Graham Teear, Allan Anderson, Diane Grant, Roxanne Erwin, Graeme Campbell and Len Doncheff


Eric Nicol, Bill Hartley, Tony Hudz and David Kendall

Executive Producer: Neil Sutherland

Written by John Corcelli - May, 2005