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Debuted: Friday January 11, 2008 at 9PM. 

Considering the popularity of the sport, it was a wonder why Canadian writers hadn’t explored the possibilities of a drama about the lives and loves of hockey players more often. MVP was a series that looked at the life of the members of the Mustangs hockey club.

It featured characters on the business side of the game as well as the player’s wives and girl friends. Billed as primetime soap, the series offered a roster of continuing characters and their stories of drug use, corruption and financial benefits beyond contract negotiations. 

Sitting: Lucas Bryant, Deborah Odell, Amanda Brugel. standing:  Kristin Booth, Peter Miller, Dillon Casey, Anastasia Phillips

Principal cast:

Kristen Booth (Connie), Lucas Bryant (Gabe), Deborah Odell (Evelyn), Peter Miller Damon), Amanda Brugel (Megan), Dillon Casey (Trevor) and Anastasia Phillips (Tabbi) .

 In March 2008, the CBC announced that MVP would not be renewed for the 2008-09 season.


Written by John Corcelli - January, 2008

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