Les mini-stars de Nathalie

Broadcast Run: 
1988 to 1990
Broadcast Medium: 

This daily program was broadcast on TVA for two years, from 1988 to 1990, and was a sequel, in a certain sense, to the program Le Village de Nathalie. It was hosted by the well known singer, Nathalie Simard, accompanied by her friend Caboche (Serge Thibodeau), a character who had also appeared on the program Le Village de Nathalie.

Les mini-stars de Nathalie was a variety program for young people and the show offered a little bit of everything to the TV audience. Every week, a particular theme would be explored and Nathalie would tell a story on the subject, sitting on a bridge, in addition to singing a song. A short animated cartoon was also part of the show. At the end of each episode the Gala des Mini-stars de Nathalie would take place, where children imitated their idol and "lip-synched" a song. In its second season, Les Mini-stars de Nathalie moved into a charming little theatre, and Véronique Cloutier, the daughter of the program's producer, Guy Cloutier, came to sit down on the bridge to tell a part of the story each day.

Written by Yvon Chouinard - September, 2008


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