Les coulisses du pouvoir

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The program Les coulisses du pouvoir was initially built upon in-depth interviews with a political personality involved in an issue making the headlines. Other complementary interviews were added depending upon how events unfolded. The program also made a lot of room for political analyses, putting to good use the extensive experience of Radio-Canada's bureau chiefs in Ottawa and Quebec City.

Every week, topical feature stories explained what was going on in the backrooms of politics. The program also featured political blogs and editorials from Canada's major newspapers. The subjects dealt with on the program touched all dimensions of political life, federal or provincial.

Initially hosted by Daniel Lessard, Emmanuelle Latraverse took over in 2011, following Lessard's retirement, after a career that spanned 40 years with Radio-Canada.

Written by Yvon Chouinard - January, 2012

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