Les beaux dimanches

Broadcast Run: 
1966 to 2004
Broadcast Medium: 

Starting on September 11th 1966,Radio-Canada aired a new program every week that was devoted to French language cultural productions. It was called Les Beaux Dimanches (Beautiful Sundays).

When Les Beaux Dimanches was on the air, it was said that this program was perpetuating the tradition initiated by L’Heure du concert and Téléthéâtre. Indeed, Les Beaux Dimanches will develop and expand far beyond these earlier programs and will offer its viewers variety shows, documentaries, recitals, films, etc. The illustrious group Les Cyniques were the featured stars on the opening night of Les Beaux Dimanches, on September 11, 1966. Over the years, the face that was most often associated with the program became that of its host Henri Bergeron.


Written by Yvon Chouinard - February, 2006

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