Le dernier chapitre

Broadcast Run: 
2002 to 2003
Broadcast Medium: 

This series of only six episodes, created by Luc Dionne, looked into the world of mob bikers. It explored the psychology of individuals who had chosen crime as a lifestyle, but who like all business people, keenly did what was needed to advance their career.

Against a background of duplicity and broken friendships, the series depicted the disturbing relationships that were built between the gang leaders and their families and followed the comings and goings of Bob Durelle, a criminal biker who was mercilessly extending his drug trafficking empire into Ontario by setting up a new biker chapter.

Nearly a million TV viewers were glued to their screen to watch this drama starring Roy Dupuis, Michael Ironside, Dan Bigras, Céline Bonnier, Marina Orsini and Fanny La Croix. Le dernier chapitre was filmed in English (The Last Chapter) and in French and was broadcast on both Radio-Canada and CBC.

Written by Yvon Chouinard - February, 2006

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