Le Caf' Conc'

Broadcast Run: 
1969 to 1970
Broadcast Medium: 

This short-lived musical variety series was named after the theatre in the then (1969) newly built Chateau Champlain hotel in Montreal (the name is an abbreviation of "Café-Concert"). The series was developed to showcase talented Quebecois chanteuse Danielle Dorice, with guest performers, and was produced for CTV by CFCF-TV Montreal.

Caf' Conc' entered the CTV schedule in September 1969, and was scheduled at 10:30pm on Wednesdays. Like its predecessor in the time period, River Inn, the series suffered from off-scheduling because of hockey over-runs, and never found time to gather a regular following. It was cancelled in September 1970.

Written by Pip Wedge - June, 2002

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