La Galère

Broadcast Run: 
2007 to 2013
Broadcast Medium: 

La Galère launched on February 13, 2007. The scriptwriter was Renée-Claude Brazeau. The cast included Hélène Florent (Stéphanie), Brigitte Lafleur (Mimi), Anne Casabonne (Claude) and Geneviève Rochette (Isabelle).

In the 1990s, four girlfriends were at a party together and decided to write down on four scraps of paper what they hoped to do with their lives in the future. They put their wishes into a bottle of vodka and promised each other to reread them together one day.

Some 15 years later, Stéphanie, Claude, Isa and Mimi were each leading very different professional and emotional lives, but were still the very best friends in the world. One evening, they broke open the bottle of vodka, read the wishes and decided to fulfil Stéphanie's wish: for all four of them to live together in a home with their children, far away from any men.

Written by Yvon Chouinard - February, 2012

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