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Debuted: Tuesday January 8, 2008 at 9PM. 

Torrance Coombs, David Kopp, Emilie Ullerup, Ben Ayres and Steph Song

This hour-long comedy/drama was based on Douglas Coupland’s successful novel of the same name. It was the story of Ethan Jarlewski, computer expert and technical wiz kid, and his four co-workers. But in an effort to keep themselves motivated and engaged in their dull work environment, they got involved with some bizarre characters and adventures that were mostly illegal. Coupland and Michael McLennon, who was the principal writer for Queer As Folk and Godiva’s, two contemporary dramas that were critically acclaimed, adapted the dramas that were critically acclaimed, adapted the series.

Principal cast:

Jim Jarlewski               Alan Thicke
Carol Jarlewski            Sherry Miller
Ethan Jarlewski           David Kopp
Kaitlin Joyce                Emilie Ullerup
Cowboy                       Ben Ayres
Bree                             Steph Song
John Doe                     Torrance Coombs


Alan Thicke, Sherry Miller and David Kopp


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