Gill Deacon Show, The

Broadcast Run: 
2006 to 2007
Broadcast Medium: 

Aired daily, Monday through Friday, at various times.

This hour-long daytime show was targeted at women and was the first such show in many years for the CBC to produce, since Take 30 left the schedule in 1982. The host was Gill Deacon, a familiar face to viewers of the Discovery Channel and of Code Green, a CBC production about home renovation. As a working mother of three, Deacon was the perfect host for a show targeted at women like her. The program aimed to cover issues important to personal growth while offering viewers tips about home decorating, collecting, knitting and cooking. The show was produced before a studio audience in an attractive set decorated by professionals.

Host: Gill Deacon

Written by John Corcelli - November, 2006

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