Excuse My French

Broadcast Run: 
1974 to 1976
Broadcast Medium: 

In an attempt to put a comedic spin on Canada's 'two solitudes", the plot-lines of Excuse My French revolved around the lives of French-Canadian waitress Marie-Louise, played by Lisa Charbonneau, and her anglo husband Peter Hutchins, played by Stuart Gillard. Paul Berval and Earl Pennington played their respective fathers, and others in the cast included Isabelle Lajeunesse, Pierrette Beaudoin and Daniel Godouas. All the stereotypical cliché situations were trotted out, but the writing unfortunately did not live up to the promise of the concept.

Appropriately, Excuse My French was produced for CTV at Montreal affiliate CFCF-TV. One of the network's earlier attempts at half-hour series drama, it premiered in September 1974 on Thursdays at 7:30pm, where it survived for two seasons before being cancelled in September 1976.

Written by Pip Wedge - June, 2002

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