Appelez-moi Lise

Broadcast Run: 
1972 to 1976
Broadcast Medium: 

This talk-show, hosted by Lise Payette, assisted by Jacques Fauteux, went down in history as the most celebrated late night talk-show in the Province of Quebec. It aired from 1972 to 1976.

Artists, politicians and personalities from all over were invited to respond to the always interesting, sometimes provocative questions asked by the host, who was an expert in the art of the interview. Every Valentine's Day, Appelez-moi Lise presented a Gala celebrating the most handsome man in Canada.

Host Lise Payette later became a star candidate for the Parti Québécois during the 1976 election. She was appointed Minister responsible for the Status of Women, but did not seek re-election in 1981. She did however remain in the limelight as a writer of TV soap operas (La bonne aventure (1982), Des dames de coeur (1986) and several others) and various books, including her autobiography in several volumes, Des femmes d'honneur.

Written by Yvon Chouinard - February, 2006

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