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The Alice of the title of this series was described by her shrink in Susan Juby's books as "a hypercritical, socially-retarded narcissist with mind-numbingly poor judgment". Alice McLeod, a very quirky 15-year-old, and her somewhat dysfunctional family, were the core around which this 13 half-hour series revolved. 
The series was set in Smithers, B.C., and was produced by Slanted Wheel Productions (who did Plague City for CTV) and Omni Productions, who were responsible for Robson Arms.

Alice was played by Carly McKillop.  The cast also included Dan Payne as Alice’s father John, Rebecca Northan as her mother Diane, and Connor Price as brother MacGregor.  Other cast members were Haig Sutherland as Finn Calhoun, Lori Triolo as Geraldine, Ryan Robbins as Bob Lundren, Taylor Hill as Linda, Michael Eklund as Marcus and Tegan Moss as Karen Field.
Creator and head writer was Susin Nielsen, who was also co-executive producer with Gary Harvey, along with Jon Slan and Gabriela Schonbach. The producer was Brian Hamilton.

After earlier exposure on the Comedy Channel, Alice, I Think made its debut on CTV on Sunday June 18th 2006 at 7:00pm.



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