French for Love

Broadcast Run: 
1965 to 1966
Broadcast Medium: 

Aired Sunday afternoons, at various times, from January to May, 1965; April to July 1966.

Time For French was a CBC radio program designed to teach conversational french to English audiences. The program was adaptedĀ for television by the hosts, Gerard and Sheila Arthur, and given a new title. The program was a series of simple sketches with dialogue in French and English: she would speak French and he would speak English and vice versa. The show also went to the dictionary to learn vocabulary, and often discussed colloquial expressions often heard in the streets of Quebec.

In February 1965, Gerard Arthur left the show, but his wife continued to write for its new hosts, Felixe Fitzgerald and Paul Hebert. A year later, the Arthurs returned as hosts, but the scenes featured actors instead. The cast featured Carol Zorro, Yvon Dufour, Lise Lasalle and Raymond Cosgrove.

Producer: Denyse Adam [CBC Montreal

Written by John Corcelli - May, 2005

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