Pioneer - Member of CAB Hall of Fame

Crittenden, Harold A. "Hal"


A career broadcaster, Harold Crittenden got his start in radio as an announcer with CHAB, in his native city of Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan.

In 1936, he moved to Regina and the staff of CJRM (later CKRM), as an announcer and salesman. In 1938, he joined the sales staff of CKCK Regina, becoming Sales Manager- in 1940, and Manager in 1942.

In 1954, Hal launched Western Canada's first privately-owned television station, CKCK-TV. In 1956, he was appointed Vice-President and General Manager, of Armadale Comunications Ltd, owner of CKCK-Radio/CKCK-TV, CKRC Winnipeg and CKOC Hamilton.

He served as president of the Saskatchewan Association of Broadcasters, a director of the Western Association of Broadcasters and first vice-president, Television, of the Canadian Association of Broadcasters. In 1976, the WAB named "Crit" "Broadcaster of the Year". He was deeply committed to Canadian broadcasting and was regarded as one of the most influential figures in the industry.

He died in 1979.

Posthumously, Hal Crittenden was named to the CAB Broadcast Hall of Fame in 1985.

Written by J. Lyman Potts - February, 1996


Reading for job at 10-AB, later to become CHAB Moose Jaw Sask.
Doing everything - announcing - sweeping - collecting outstanding accounts
Laughing during announcing - telling the audience why
Slim Wilson and his western show - on air and personal appearances
Forming entertainment unit to travel the province on War Bond Drives

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