Pioneer - Member of CAB Hall of Fame

Cruickshank, W.T. "Doc"


In 1926 hecommenced operation of station 10BP from his home in Wingham, using a home- made transmitter which e built on a butter box and caried from to his home from his workshop.

In 1935, received private station license for CKNX; 1939 established first full-time farm radio service; 1939 launched the "National Farm Radio Forum" and organized the CKNX "Travelling Saturday Night Barn Dance" which introduced Canadian musicians and singers who became known internationally; 1955, obtained a license for CKNX-TV; 1986, Nominated for the Ontario Agricultural Hall of Fame. "Doc" also started the "Western Ontario Athletic Association", organizing hockey and baseball teams across Western Ontario. It grew to be the largest league in Canada in terms of participants. It is still active.

"Doc" Cruickshank died in 1981, just as the sale of his stations to The Blackburn Group in London was finalized.

W. T. "Doc" Cruickshank was posthumously inducted into the CAB Broadcast Hall of Fame in 1986.

Written by J. Lyman Potts - February, 1996


Using a home-made transmitter

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