Pioneer - Member of CAB Hall of Fame

Darling, Thomas E. "Tom"


Tom Darling's radio career began in North Bay when entrepreneur Roy Thomson put his first station (CFCH) on the air in 1931.

Moving south in 1940 to a sales position with CKOC Hamilton, Darling joined rival CHML in 1941, then managed by Ken Soble. When Soble bought CHML in 1944, Darling was appointed Manager.

Following the death of Soble (1966), CHML and CKDS-FM were purchased in 1971 by Western Broadcasting Co. Ltd., and Tom Darling was named President and Managing Director, a position he held until his death in1983.

He was a past-president of the Central Canada Broadcasters Association.

Tom Darling was inducted into the CAB Broadcast Hall of Fame (posthumously) in 1985.

Written by J. Lyman Potts - April, 1996


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