In 1969 The Canadian Association of Broadcasters provided the start-up funding for what was later to become the Canadian Communications Foundation. Then in 1982, the CAB established its Hall of Fame to honour, in perpetuity, men and women whose contributions had demonstrated an extraordinary commitment to innovation, development and maintaining the highest standards of excellence in broadcasting generally -- particularly in Canada.

As the CAB observed its Diamond Jubilee in 1986, 26 persons were so honoured -- among them, Canadian-born Reginald Fessenden (1866-1932) who proved to the world in 1900 that the human voice could be successfully transmitted by radio waves and who, on Christmas Eve in 1906, broadcast the first radio program.

In 1994, the Canadian Communications Foundation entered all Hall of Fame inductees into its newly-created website. It also added biographies of other radio and television pioneers who had made significant and innovative contributions to the growth and development of Canadian broadcasting, but whose vision, ingenuity, dedication and venturesome undertakings had not been otherwise recognized.

This category was subsequently expanded to include broadcasters whose contributions to the building of the industry in later years were felt to be equally worthy of their being similarly recognized.

In June 2010, the Canadian Association of Broadcasters was first dissolved and then restructured on a much smaller scale, and the annual nomination and election of new names to the CAB Broadcasting Hall of Fame was discontinued. Subsequently, several Regional Associations of Broadcasters created their Halls of Fame or began to recognize the work of outstanding broadcasters in other ways, and where felt appropriate these nominees have been and will continue to be added to this section of our site.

The Foundation will also continue to add further names to this Section when it deems it appropriate to do so.

View the list of CAB Hall of Fame Members, Members by Year of Induction, the Complete Listing of Hall of Fame Members and other Personalities, or go directly to the listing of Personalities whose last names start with:

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Maavara, Gary1953
MacDonald, Hon. Finlay19232002
Macdonald, James1952
Mack, Clarence19201974
MacKay, J. Stuart19181986
MacKenzie, Gisele19272003
MacLaren, A. Robert "Bob"1934
MacLean, Ron1960
MacLennan, Roderick M. "Rory"19211995
MacLeod, James "Jamie"19231996
MacLeod, James K.1947
MacPherson, Stewart19091995
Mair, Rafe1931
Majhor, John1954
Manning, J. Arthur19171995
Mansbridge, Peter1948
Marconi, Guglielmo18741937
Margles, Sidney1939
Markle, Fletcher19211991
McCabe, Michael1938
McCausland, Reg19371999
McColl, John19211987
McCreath, Ross A.19242014
McDermott, Arthur Andrew "Andy"19081983
McFee, Allan19142000
McGarvey, Pete19272014
McGregor, Art19061974
McGregor, William Duncan "Bill"1922
McKnight, Wes19091968
McLachlan, Sarah1968
McLean, Jessie1941
McQueen, Trina1943
Mellanby, Ralph1934
Miles, Gary1939
Miller-Day, Peggy19232013
Moffat, Lloyd E.19091964
Moffat, Randy1943
Moon, William Harold19081984
Moore, James Mavor19192006
Morrissette, Pierre  (en Franšais)1947
Murphy, Adalbert A. "Pappy"18841959
Murphy, Dr. Noel Francis19152005
Murray, Anne1945
Murray, George19131982
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