In 1969 The Canadian Association of Broadcasters provided the start-up funding for what was later to become the Canadian Communications Foundation. Then in 1982, the CAB established its Hall of Fame to honour, in perpetuity, men and women whose contributions had demonstrated an extraordinary commitment to innovation, development and maintaining the highest standards of excellence in broadcasting generally -- particularly in Canada.

As the CAB observed its Diamond Jubilee in 1986, 26 persons were so honoured -- among them, Canadian-born Reginald Fessenden (1866-1932) who proved to the world in 1900 that the human voice could be successfully transmitted by radio waves and who, on Christmas Eve in 1906, broadcast the first radio program.

In 1994, the Canadian Communications Foundation entered all Hall of Fame inductees into its newly-created website. It also added biographies of other radio and television pioneers who had made significant and innovative contributions to the growth and development of Canadian broadcasting, but whose vision, ingenuity, dedication and venturesome undertakings had not been otherwise recognized.

This category was subsequently expanded to include broadcasters whose contributions to the building of the industry in later years were felt to be equally worthy of their being similarly recognized.

In June 2010, the Canadian Association of Broadcasters was first dissolved and then restructured on a much smaller scale, and the annual nomination and election of new names to the CAB Broadcasting Hall of Fame was discontinued. Subsequently, several Regional Associations of Broadcasters created their Halls of Fame or began to recognize the work of outstanding broadcasters in other ways, and where felt appropriate these nominees have been and will continue to be added to this section of our site.

The Foundation will also continue to add further names to this Section when it deems it appropriate to do so.

View the list of CAB Hall of Fame Members, Members by Year of Induction, the Complete Listing of Hall of Fame Members and other Personalities, or go directly to the listing of Personalities whose last names start with:

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Bachman, Randy1947
Balcan, George19312004
Banks, Syd19172006
Banks, Tommy1936
Barker, Warren1928
Barris, Alex19222004
Bassett, Douglas Graeme1940
Bassett, Isabel1939
Bassett, John White Hughes 19151998
Baulu, Roger  (en Français)19091997
Beaubien, Nan-b de Gaspé  (en Français)1935
Beaubien, Philippe de Gaspé  (en Français)1928
Beaulne, Paul-Emile  (en Français)1941
Benson, Thomas Frederick19152002
Berliner, Emile18511929
Berton, Pierre19202004
Biondi, Ferdinand  (en Français)19091998
Bishop, Willard A.19262005
Blackburn, Martha19441992
Blackburn, Walter J.19141983
Blick, John Oliver "Jack"19151981
Bonneau, Robert  (en Français)1930
Borrett, Col. W.C. "Bill"18941983
Botterill, Norman Audley19081994
Boyle, Harry J.19152005
Boyling, Sid19142006
Braden, Bernard19161993
Brady, William J. "Bill"1932
Braide, Robert "Rob"1953
Bremner, Ronald S.1947
Brière, Raynald1947
Brinton, Don1927
Brown, Donald1933
Brown, George A.19171999
Brown, Murray T.19172014
Browne, James W.B. "Big Jim"18841954
Browne, William J.18961951
Bruneau, Pierre  (en Français)1952
Bruner, Al A.19231987
Bureau, Andre  (en Français)1935
Burns, Patrick "Pat"19211996
Burt, Johnny19141980
Bushnell, Ernest L. "Ernie"19001987
Butler, Joseph L.19011954
Butler, Joseph V.1932
Byles, William D. "Bill"19141988
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