In 1969 The Canadian Association of Broadcasters provided the start-up funding for what was later to become the Canadian Communications Foundation. Then in 1982, the CAB established its Hall of Fame to honour, in perpetuity, men and women whose contributions had demonstrated an extraordinary commitment to innovation, development and maintaining the highest standards of excellence in broadcasting generally -- particularly in Canada.

As the CAB observed its Diamond Jubilee in 1986, 26 persons were so honoured -- among them, Canadian-born Reginald Fessenden (1866-1932) who proved to the world in 1900 that the human voice could be successfully transmitted by radio waves and who, on Christmas Eve in 1906, broadcast the first radio program.

In 1994, the Canadian Communications Foundation entered all Hall of Fame inductees into its newly-created website. It also added biographies of other radio and television pioneers who had made significant and innovative contributions to the growth and development of Canadian broadcasting, but whose vision, ingenuity, dedication and venturesome undertakings had not been otherwise recognized.

This category was subsequently expanded to include broadcasters whose contributions to the building of the industry in later years were felt to be equally worthy of their being similarly recognized.

In June 2010, the Canadian Association of Broadcasters was first dissolved and then restructured on a much smaller scale, and the annual nomination and election of new names to the CAB Broadcasting Hall of Fame was discontinued. Subsequently, several Regional Associations of Broadcasters created their Halls of Fame or began to recognize the work of outstanding broadcasters in other ways, and where felt appropriate these nominees have been and will continue to be added to this section of our site.

The Foundation will also continue to add further names to this Section when it deems it appropriate to do so.

View the list of CAB Hall of Fame Members, Members by Year of Induction, the Complete Listing of Hall of Fame Members and other Personalities, or go directly to the listing of Personalities whose last names start with:

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Complete Listing  (441 individuals)
of CAB Hall of Fame Members and other Personalities
Acton, Gerald "Gerry"19312016
Adams, Bryan1959
Agostini, Lucio19131996
Aitken, Kate18911971
"Alberta Slim" (Eric Edwards)19102005
Allan, Andrew19071974
Allard, Charles Alexander, FRCS (Canada)19191991
Allard, Thomas James "Jim"19141982
Allen, Douglas E. M.19232010
Ansell, John E. W.1926
Anthony, Marge (Marjorie Anthony Linden)19352013
Arden, Jann1962
Arpin, Michel  (en Français)1942
Asper, Israel Harold "Izzy", Q.C.19322003
Audet, Henri  (en Français)19182012
Avison, John19151983
Aylesworth, John19282010
Bachman, Randy1947
Balcan, George19312004
Banks, Syd19172006
Banks, Tommy1936
Barker, Warren1928
Barris, Alex19222004
Bassett, Douglas Graeme1940
Bassett, Isabel1939
Bassett, John White Hughes 19151998
Baulu, Roger  (en Français)19091997
Beaubien, Nan-b de Gaspé  (en Français)1935
Beaubien, Philippe de Gaspé  (en Français)1928
Beaulne, Paul-Emile  (en Français)1941
Benson, Thomas Frederick19152002
Berliner, Emile18511929
Berton, Pierre19202004
Biondi, Ferdinand  (en Français)19091998
Bishop, Willard A.19262005
Blackburn, Martha19441992
Blackburn, Walter J.19141983
Blick, John Oliver "Jack"19151981
Bonneau, Robert  (en Français)1930
Borrett, Col. W.C. "Bill"18941983
Botterill, Norman Audley19081994
Boyle, Harry J.19152005
Boyling, Sid19142006
Braden, Bernard19161993
Brady, William J. "Bill"1932
Braide, Robert "Rob"1953
Bremner, Ronald S.1947
Brière, Raynald1947
Brinton, Don1927
Brown, Donald1933
Brown, George A.19171999
Brown, Murray T.19172014
Browne, James W.B. "Big Jim"18841954
Browne, William J.18961951
Bruneau, Pierre  (en Français)1952
Bruner, Al A.19231987
Bureau, Andre  (en Français)1935
Burns, Patrick "Pat"19211996
Burt, Johnny19141980
Bushnell, Ernest L. "Ernie"19001987
Butler, Joseph L.19011954
Butler, Joseph V.1932
Byles, William D. "Bill"19141988
Caine, Howard C.19161967
Caine, Jean E.19232014
Caldwell, Spencer Wood "Spence"19091983
Cameron, Bill19432005
Cameron, Earl19152005
Campbell, Norman19242004
Campeau, Joseph E. "Ted"18981961
Cannings, Bert19111993
Caple, Kenneth19031990
Carson, Harold R.18951959
Cassaday, John1953
Chamberland, Michel  (en Français)1950
Champagne, Liette1948
Chandler, George19061962
Chandrasekar, Jaya
Chandrasekar, Shan
Charlebois, Robert  (en Français)1944
Charlebois, Robert1944
Chercover, Murray19292010
Cherry, Don1934
Chesney, Joe19192001
Chouinard, Yvon  (en Français)1944
Chrysdale, Joe19171982
Clark, Ian19111999
Clarkson, Adrienne  (en Français)1939
Clayton-Thomas, David1941
Coats, Douglas "Darby"18921973
Cockburn, Bruce1945
Coles, Terrance "Terry"1937
Cooke, Jack Kent19121997
Coombs, Ernie "Mr. Dressup"19272001
Cooper, Mel1932
Couture, Roland G., O.C.  (en Français)19101993
Cowie, Bruce1938
Craig, Stuart19331999
Crittenden, Harold A. "Hal"19161979
Cromwell, George A.19132002
Crouter, Wally19232016
Cruickshank, W.T. "Doc"18971971
Cullen, John Francis "Jack"19222002
Cummings, Burton1947
Dales, Walter A.19081981
Dalfen, Charles19432009
Dansereau, Maurice  (en Français)1926
Darling, Thomas E. "Tom"19101983
Davidson, Jack M.19111981
Davis, Fred19211996
Davis, Harold L. "Hal"19241998
Davis, Stanley Warren "Stan"19272004
Davis, William 'Bill'1931
Deaville, Frank19051992
Dekker, Harry G.19222004
Delaney, Edward J.19312009
Demers, Roch  (en Français)19302001
DeNardis, Frank19322007
Dennett, Jack19161975
Deverell, Rita1945
Dickson, Roy Ward19101978
Diehl, Alden19312000
Dion, Céline  (en Français)1968
Donaldson, Joan19462006
Donlon, Denise1956
Drainie, John Robert Roy19161966
Drew, Dick1934
Dubois, Vic
Duffield, George19172004
Duffy, Michael D. "Mike"1946
Duke, Daryl19292006
Dunton, A. Davidson19121987
Dupont, J. Arthur  (en Français)19011967
Eastwood, Clive19212015
Eddy, John F.19512008
Edwards, Charles B.19061983
Ellis, Ralph C.19242016
Elphicke, Frank "Tiny"19001959
Elton, Harry19302004
Erola, Judy1934
Esaw, Johnny19252013
Faibish, Roy19292001
Faith, Percy19081976
Farnon, Robert19172005
Fecan, Ivan1953
Fenety, Jack T.H.19202007
Ferguson, Max19242013
Fessenden, Reginald Aubrey  (en Français)18661932
Fillingham, Robin1944
Fisher, John Wiggins19131981
Forbes, Jerry19231981
Forst, Bill19252006
Forst, Julie2002
Foster, Harry E. "Red"19051985
Fraser, Fil1932
Friesen, Lyndon1955
Frum, Barbara19371992
Gabereau, Vicki1946
Gale, Doug19302011
Gallivan, Danny19171993
Gauthier, Alphée  (en Français)18911970
George, W. Victor "Vic"19041990
Giguere, Roland  (en Français)19252005
Giguère, Réal  (en Français)1933
Gimby, Bobby19191998
Glatt, Harvey1934
Glover, Elwood19151990
Gourd, Alain  (en Français)19462012
Gourd, David-Armand "Bobby"  (en Français)19191991
Gourd, Jean-Joffre  (en Français)19162001
Grant, W.W.W. "Bill"18921968
Gray, Jane18961984
Grealis, Walt19292004
Greenberg, Harold19301995
Greenberg, Ian1943
Greene, Lorne19151987
Grégoire, Gilles  (en Français)1939
Grieg, Arthur W.18961983
Griffiths, Frank19161994
Griffiths, Stuart19181986
Gzowski, Peter19342002
Hall, Monty1923
Halton, Matthew19021956
Hambleton, Lee19392003
Hancock, Ruth19251973
Harmer, Shirley1932
Harron, Donald19242015
Hawkins, William N. "Bill"1919
Headley, Leonard D. "Len"19001992
Henderson, Larry19172006
Hersenhoren, Samuel David19081982
Hesketh, Robert "Bob"19232000
Hewitt, Foster19041985
Hildebrand, Elmer1937
Hind-Smith, Michael19302010
Hogle, Bruce1929
Holstead, Arthur "Sparks"18901971
Holtby, Doug1947
Homme, Robert19192002
Hooper, Albert W. "Bert"19001981
Horton, Leslie "Les"19041980
Hougen, Rolf1928
Hunter, Jim19011949
Hunter, Tommy1937
Hutt, William19202007
Hutton, Wiliam (Bill) Malcolm19252009
Hyland, Frances19272004
Irvin, James Dickinson "Dick"1932
Irvine, Lawrence (Laurie) S.N.19132002
Jamieson, the Honourable Don C.19211986
Jennings, Charles19081973
Jennings, Peter19382005
Juliette, "Juliette" Cavazzi1927
Juneau, Pierre  (en Français)19222012
Keatley, Philip19292007
Keeble, Gordon Frederic19172006
Keeping, Max1942
Kelly, Barbara19242007
Kelly, Michael Aloysius (Earle)18791946
Kennedy, Betty1926
Kenney, Mart19102006
Kent, Peter1943
Kirck, Harvey19282002
Kope, Orville19252006
Kozak, Boyd1941
L'Anglais, Paul  (en Français)19071982
L'Herbier, Robert  (en Français)19212008
Labbé, François  (en Français)1928
Lalonde, Phil L.  (en Français)19001978
Lamarche, Claire  (en Français)1945
Lamb, Bob19231996
LaPierre, Laurier1929
Latremouille, Fred1945
Lavigne, J. Conrad19162003
Lavoie, Daniel  (en Français)1949
Lawrence, Jerry1939
Lawrie, Don19222014
Lepage, Henri  (en Français)19011969
Lepage, Paul  (en Français)19061961
Lewis, H.Frank1939
Lewis, Richard Guildford "Dick"19021975
Liba, Peter M.19402007
Lightfoot, Gordon, O.C. - LL.D1938
Little, Rich1938
Ljungh, Esse Willem19041991
Lockhart, Robert (Bob)1931
Lombardi, Johnny19152002
Love, Gordon18891971
Lye, Les19242009
Lynds, Fred19121983
Maavara, Gary1953
MacDonald, Hon. Finlay19232002
Macdonald, James1952
Mack, Clarence19201974
MacKay, J. Stuart19181986
MacKenzie, Gisele19272003
MacLaren, A. Robert "Bob"1934
MacLean, Ron1960
MacLennan, Roderick M. "Rory"19211995
MacLeod, James "Jamie"19231996
MacLeod, James K.1947
MacPherson, Stewart19091995
Mair, Rafe1931
Majhor, John1954
Manning, J. Arthur19171995
Mansbridge, Peter1948
Marconi, Guglielmo18741937
Margles, Sidney1939
Markle, Fletcher19211991
McCabe, Michael1938
McCausland, Reg19371999
McColl, John19211987
McCreath, Ross A.19242014
McDermott, Arthur Andrew "Andy"19081983
McFee, Allan19142000
McGarvey, Pete19272014
McGregor, Art19061974
McGregor, William Duncan "Bill"1922
McKnight, Wes19091968
McLachlan, Sarah1968
McLean, Jessie1941
McQueen, Trina1943
Mellanby, Ralph1934
Miles, Gary1939
Miller-Day, Peggy19232013
Moffat, Lloyd E.19091964
Moffat, Randy1943
Moon, William Harold19081984
Moore, James Mavor19192006
Morrissette, Pierre  (en Français)1947
Murphy, Adalbert A. "Pappy"18841959
Murphy, Dr. Noel Francis19152005
Murray, Anne1945
Murray, George19131982
Napoli, Fred1936
Nash, Knowlton19272014
Nathanson, J.A. Nathaniel "Nate"18921966
Nathanson, Marven19262008
Neill, D. Malcolm19152000
Neill, J. Stewart18851962
Nelson, Blair19172012
Newman, Sydney19171997
Norton, Robert "Bob" Jeffrey19222008
O'Farrell, Glenn1958
Oda, Beverley1944
Oliver, Craig1938
Parsons, Anthony "Tony"1939
Pascall, Bernie1940
Pattison, James A. "Jimmy"1928
Pearl, Bert19131986
Pelletier, Aurèle  (en Français)19122003
Peppiatt, Frank1927
Peters, Ray (John Raymond)1926
Peterson, Oscar  (en Français)19252007
Pinsent, Gordon Edward1930
Plaunt, Alan19041941
Pollock, Carl A.19031978
Potts, J. Lyman1916
Pouliot, Jean Adelard  (en Français)19232004
Proulx, Jacques  (en Français)1935
Purdy, Rai19101990
Quinney, Gerry19132003
Radford, Jack18971971
Rae, Jackie19222006
Rawlinson, Ed. A.19121992
Raymond, Bruce1925
Rea, William "Bill"19081983
Reade, John Collingwood19041963
Reid, Dennis19192000
Reid, Paul19271983
Reno, Ginette  (en Français)1946
Retzlaff, George19212003
Ricard, F. Baxter  (en Français)19051993
Rice, Dr. G.R.A. "Dick"19011992
Ritchie, Campbell S. "Cam"19151991
Rivard, Michel  (en Français)1951
Rivers, Tom19472004
Robertson, George C.1929
Robertson, George H.19222002
Robertson, Lloyd1934
Robinson, Robert "Red"1937
Robitaille, Glen "Robbie"19182015
Robson, Jim1935
Rogers, Colonel Keith S.18921954
Rogers, E. S. "Ted" Jr.19332008
Rogers, Edward Samuel "Ted" Sr.19001939
Rogers, Velma (Velma Rogers Graham)19061971
Roman, Duff1938
Rose, Ernest G. "Ernie"19162008
Roskin, Lewis19202009
Ross, Sam G.19051977
Russell, Gary19422016
Ruttle, Jack1936
Saltzman, Percy P.19152007
Salverson, George19162005
Samson, Claire1955
Sanderson, Eric G. "Sandy"1948
Scarrow, Jim1939
Schoone, Jack1938
Schultz, Wilford "Bill"18921945
Schurman, Paul H.1933
Schurman, Robert C.19251973
Scott, Gail
Sedgwick, Harry18951959
Shaw, Jim1957
Shaw, JR1934
Sherratt, Fred1930
Shuster, Frank19162002
Sienko, Richard1935
Sienko, Richard1935
Sifton, Clifford18931976
Silkans, Juris19432014
Simard, Luc  (en Français)19212009
Sinclair, Gordon19001984
Sinclair, Gordon Arthur "Gord" Jr.19282002
Sinclair, Lister19212006
Ski, Paul
Slaight, Allan1931
Slaight, Gary1951
Smith, Donald MacLean19302011
Smith, Steve1945
Snelgrove, Ralph J.19141990
Soble, Kenneth D.19111966
Sonin, Ray19071991
Speers, William A. "Bill"19081985
Spry, Graham19001983
Stanczykowski, Casimir G., C.M. (1973), L.L.D.19271981
Stark, Jack19182001
Stephenson, Bill19292014
Stewart, Dr. Andrew19041990
Stirling, Geoffrey W.19212013
Stovin, Horace N.18951964
Stukus, Annis "Stuke"19142006
Swan, Ernie19061990
Sward, James F.1946
Switzer, Jay1956
Switzer, Phyllis19311989
Tapp, Gordie1922
Tapp, Jimmy19182004
Taylor, Carole1945
Tennant, Jan1937
Therrien, Réal  (en Français)19261987
Thibault, Sophie  (en Français)1961
Thompson, Reo19171965
Thomson, Roy Herbert - Lord Thomson of Fleet18941976
Thornton, Sir Henry18711933
Tilden, Lamont19132011
Tweed, Tommy19081971
Tyson, Ian1933
Vaughan, Dennis "Denny"19211972
Viner, Peter1945
Viner, Tony1947
Waddington, Geoffrey19041966
Walker, Bill19221995
Wallace, Claire19001968
Wallin, Pamela1953
Wallman, Art1928
Warren, Peter1941
Waters, Allan19212005
Watson, Patrick1929
Waxman, Al19352001
Wayne, Johnny19181990
Weber, John Frederick "Fred"19222002
Webster, Jack19181999
Wedge, Philip "Pip"1928
Weinthal, Arthur1932
Wells, Jack "Cactus"19111999
Westgate, Murray1918
Weyman, Ron19152007
Williams, Brian1946
Willis, Alexander Austin19172004
Willis, James Frank19081969
Woodhouse & Hawkins19301952
Woodill, Wilbur J. "Wilf"19091997
Wright, Don19082006
Wright, Don E.19111999
Yaffe, Phyllis1949
Yerxa, Hal19201997
Young, Alan1919
Young, George18991976
Znaimer, Moses1941
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