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Le dépannier olympique

In the comedy Le dépanneur olympique, Pierre Charbonneau, Louise Roy and Francine Ruel depicted various intrigues that took place in a convenience store located near Montreal's Olympic Stadium.

In 1989-90 (first broadcast: September 8), Télé-Métropole aired 30 episodes of Le dépanneur olympique. This series, directed by Michel Bériault and Pierre Savard, starred Jean-Pierre Chartrand, Paul Berval, Patrick Labbé, Olivette Thibault, Lucie Laurier, Joel Legendre and Sylvie Potvin.



Chambres en ville

In the TV soap opera Chambres en ville, Lise and Sylvie Payette recounted the daily lives of a group of young people living in a Montreal boarding school.

The TVA network aired the popular Chambres en ville from 1989 (first broadcast: September 7, 1989) to 1996. This TV soap opera, directed by Marlène Lemire and Jacques Payette, starred Louise Deschâtelets, Anne Dorval, Francis Reddy, Patricia Paquin and Gregory Charles.

Written by Yvon Chouinard - September, 2008



Les mini-stars de Nathalie

This daily program was broadcast on TVA for two years, from 1988 to 1990, and was a sequel, in a certain sense, to the program Le Village de Nathalie. It was hosted by the well known singer, Nathalie Simard, accompanied by her friend Caboche (Serge Thibodeau), a character who had also appeared on the program Le Village de Nathalie.


Le Match de la vie

In 1988, the TVA network named Claude Charron, a former Quebec Government MP and Minister, as host of a new public affairs program Le Match de la vie. The show's concept was quite simple, namely, a series of interviews. Le Match de la vie was an enormous hit with the general public and made Claude Charron a very big star.

Broadcast from 1988 to 1998, Charron would talk with public personalities such as Patrick Roy, Robert Bourassa or the father of a family that had won a huge lottery, Jean-Guy Lavigueur, which attracted the program's first million plus TV audience. 


Formule 1

The TV soap opera Formule 1 recounted the adventures of Luc Sinclair, a racing car superstar.

In 1987-88 (first broadcast: September 6), the TVA network aired 13 episodes of Formule 1. This TV soap opera, directed by Claude Héroux and Jean Daniel Verraghe,  starred Serge Dupire, Manual Gélin and Daniel Gélin.

Written by Yvon Chouinard - September, 2008



Un homme au foyer

In the comedy Un homme au foyer, André Dubois and Ubaldo Fasano recounted the often funny adventures of a family, with a stay-at-home Dad who took care of the children and did the household chores.

From 1987 (first broadcast: September 2) to 1988, Télé-Métropole aired 64 episodes of Un homme au foyer. This series, directed by Armand Bastien, Claude Boucher, Robert Desfonds, André Guérard, André Matteau and Jean-Louis Sueur,  starred Jacques L'Heureux, Marie-Lou Dion, Étienne de Passillé, Grégorianne Minot-Payeur, Emmanuelle Dubois and Annie Major-Matte.



The comedy Semi-détaché followed the loves and quarrels of two families, the Lecavalier family and the Cavalieri family, who shared a semi-detached dwelling in Saint-Léonard.

From 1987 (first broadcast: August 31) to 1989, Télé-Métropole aired 64 episodes of Semi-détaché. This TV soap opera, directed by Roger Legault and Jean-Louis Sueur,  starred Alpha Boucher and Roberto Medile.

Written by Yvon Chouinard - September, 2008



Chop Suey

In the comedy Chop Suey, the scriptwriters Christian Fournier and Ginette Tremblay recounted the daily lives of three young women who shared an apartment in Montreal.

Over the years, several neighbours and family members, cropped up with the trio, including Jean Côté, the building's janitor, Agathe Potvin, a 70-year old widow who was independent and urbane, and outraged at all kinds of social injustice, and the lawyer Carmen Saint-Pierre.


Le Village de Nathalie

Le Village de Nathalie (1985)
This program was broadcast for three years on TVA, namely, from 1985 to 1988, for a total of 117 episodes.


L'Or du temps

In the TV soap opera L'or du temps, the writer Réal Giguère portrayed the struggle between a brother and a sister over the control of the family companies. It was broadcast from 1985 to 1993.

This TV soap opera directed by Jean Bernatchez, Gaétan Bénic, Esther Lapointe, Roger Legault and Paul Lepage,  starred Angèle Coutu, Christine Lamer, Guy Godin, Jean Coutu and Luis de Cespédes.

Written by Yvon Chouinard - September, 2008




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