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It's said that sometimes the best moments are the shortest. Chabada only graced the TVA line-up during the 1995-96 fall-winter season.

Chabada's year in the spotlight was a vast pot-pourri where Gregory Charles, who took over from Jean-Pierre Coallier, tooka high risk gamble in terms of hosting a daily talk-show. Every evening from Monday to Friday, during a time slot when Quebeckers were wont to watch the TV news, or else just going to bed, Gregory Charles featured various celebrities and his take on the events of the day.


Piment fort

This program, hosted by Normand Brathwaite from 1993 to 2001, was built around all kinds of humorous pursuits and games. Three comedians would be invited on to each show to make the TV audience laugh. The guests would lampoon current events and trends, as well as politicians, artists and all kinds of other personalities.
Normand would begin each show wearing an eccentric hat. He and his guests often commented on certain artists and other personalities in a manner that generated considerable controversy, and which ultimately led Brathwaite to abandon Piment fort.


Fort Boyard

Guy Richer was the first game show host of Fort Boyard that captivated TVA viewers for eight straight seasons, from 1993 to 2001. He was accompanied by France Beaudoin. Guy Mongrain later took over as M.C. for the second season, assisted by Marie-Soleil Tougas. Following the tragic death of Marie-Soleil Tougas in a hydroplane accident on August 10, 1997, Sylvie Bernier, a former Olympic diving champion, took over alongside Mr. Mongrain.



The number 7 was a lucky one for Ent'Cadieux and its innumerable fans! Seven years of ups and downs that consistently captivated the TV audience. An enviable life span, that few TV soap operas have been able to boast about.

Deliberately fashioned by the scriptwriter Guy Fournier to fit Louise Deschâtelets and Vincent Bolduc, Ent'Cadieux drew a realistic portrait of a relationship between a single-parent mother and her son.


Au nom du père et fils

Based on the novel Au nom du père et du fils by Francine Ouellette that had sold more than 100,000 copies, this TV soap opera, broadcast by Télé-Métropole in 1993, told a story about a village of settlers living in the Mauricie region in the 1880s, and the clash that arose between a racist priest and the Indian tradition, but above all, the love story of a white doctor and an Indian woman.


Montréal, ville ouverte

In the TV soap opera Montréal, ville ouverte, Lise Payette described the trials and tribulations of two lawyers (Jean Drapeau and Pacifique Plante) who were fighting the corruption that ruled Montreal in the early 1950s.

In 1992, the TVA network aired 13 episodes of Montréal, ville ouverte. This historical series, directed by Alain Chartrand, starred Michel Côté and Raymond Cloutier.

Written by Yvon Chouinard - September, 2008



La Montagne des Hollandais

In the TV soap opera La montagne des Hollandais, Yves É. Arnau recounted the lives of the inhabitants of a small logging village.

The TVA network aired La montagne des Hollandais during the 1992-93 season (first broadcast: September 7). This TV soap opera, directed by Ninon Choquette and Claude Colbert, starred Rita Lafontaine and Paul Hébert.



La misère des riches II

The TV soap opera La misère des riches II, by Michèle Bazin and Ingrid Saumart, was focused on various international and financial manoeuvrings.

In 1992-93 (first broadcast: September 15), the TVA network aired 30 episodes of La misère des riches II. This TV soap opera, directed by Jacques Payette, notably starred Patricia Tulasne, Gilles Pelletier and Daniel Ceccaldi.

Written by Yvon Chouinard - September, 2008




Quebec's adaptation of the celebrated American quiz show, Jeopardy, was broadcast on Télé-Métropole from September 1991 to May 1993. The contestants were required to perform some funny intellectual gymnastics. They had to formulate the question (as an answer) to the proposed answer (as a question) given by the host Réal Giguère.


La Misère des riches

In the TV soap opera La misère des riches I, Claude Veillot related the difficulties that a woman had to overcome after taking over control of a steel mill following the suspicious death of her brother.

In 1990-91 (first broadcast: February 18), the TVA network aired 30 episodes of La misère des riches (Part I). This TV soap opera, directed by Richard Martin,  starred Patricia Tulasne, Carl Marotte and Jean-Pierre Cassel.

Written by Yvon Chouinard - September, 2008




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