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Deux Frères

Deux frères told the story of Gabriel (Daniel Thomas) and Zacharie (Benoît Langlais) who went back to living together, after having lived apart for nearly seven years. The series Deux frères was an eye-opener in the world of television thanks to its visual approach and style, and especially due to its scenario that drew a realistic and poignant portrait of the world of young people.



A 10-episode series designed by the duo Fabienne Larouche and Réjean Tremblay, and directed by Alain Chartrand, Paparazzi described the ins and outs of two journalists and a publisher who pursued their careers by exploiting a sensationalistic paparazzi-style formula.



A situation comedy written by Martin Forget and Jean-François Pedneault, 166 episodes of Km/h were aired between 1998 and 2006.

The series starred Michel Barette (Denis Charest) in the role of an automobile reporter. Supporting actors included Chantal Baril (Roxanne Tremblay), Marilyse Bourque (Mélanie Charest), Francis de Passillé (Nicolas Charest), Gildor Roy (Germain Langlois), Gilbert Turp (Jean-Louis Dubuc), Nathalie Claude (Tite-Lène) and Sonia Vachon (Sylvie Côté).


Le Poing J

Le Poing J burst onto the Quebec TV scene in September 1997 and remained a force to be reckoned with until 2000. This late evening talk show was a showcase for its host Julie Snyder: dynamic and full of surprises. The personality and spontaneity of the host gave rise to off-the-wall interviews and unforgettable moments of great television. She walked arm in arm with a sumo wrestler in Japan, visited a nudist ski centre in Austria, and even set herself on fire.


Cher Olivier

Cher Olivier, a TV series broadcast in four 60-minute episodes in 1997 on the TVA network, told the story of the life of Olivier Guimond, one of Quebec's great comedians who had endeared himself to Quebec TV viewers and made a lasting mark on the history of television in the Province. Directed and written by André Melançon, this tribute to Mr. Guimond recounted his childhood, his loves and failures, his problems with alcohol, and his father's contempt.


Ces enfants d'ailleurs

Broadcast in two parts, in 1997 and 1998, this 18-episode series written by Claude Fournier was based upon the novel by Arlette Cousture. It chronicled a Polish family confronted with the horror of the Second World War, who finally found refuge in the Province of Quebec. Throughout their trials and tribulations, and evolution, the family cultivated its fondness and passion for music, with violins, a cello and a piano.


Le Retour

Broadcast by Télé-Métropole from 1996 to 2001, the one-hour long TV soap opera Le retour was written by Anne Boyer.

In 1974, Madeleine Beaulieu-Landry had abruptly left her husband and children without giving anyone any news all this time. 20 years later, she reappeared. Her homecoming threw everything into disarray for the people who had learned to get on with their lives without her.



A police series written by Christian Fournier, Jean-Claude Lord and Pierre Pelletier, and directed by Jean-Claude Lord, TVA  aired eight 60-minute episodes of Jasmine in 1996.


Bungalow Blues

A 30-minute situation comedy written by Christian Fournier and broadcast in 1996 and 1997 on TVA.

This story featured a couple of babyboomers who decided to leave the suburbs and go back to living in the city. The parents were hoping that this move would drive their two children, now in their twenties, to leave home and move into their own apartment. In fact, the opposite occurred, as the young adults not only remained at home but brought in their respective girlfriend and boyfriend, thereby creating an incredibly crowded living situation.


Les Machos

Les Machos, a TV soap opera written by Lise Payette, was aired by Télé-Métropole from 1995 to 1999. It told the story of two brothers, Julien and Mathieu, who bought a store and thus went into business. The ground floor  housed a car dealership run by Julien, while the first floor was a medical clinic run by Mathieu. Numerous family intrigues and incidents intruded upon all the characters.



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