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Taxi 0-22

Taxi 0-22 was a comedy series that TVA began airing during the 2007 season.

This weekly 30-minute comedy featured the humorist and actor Patrick Huard in the role of Rogatien Dubois Jr., a very colourful taxi driver. He flippantly criticized what was going on in the world and said out loud what people normally keep to themselves to his various clients, who were generally very well known showbiz personalities.

Patrick Huard was supported by actors Sylvie Boucher (Nancy), Jean Turcotte (Johnny Bilodeau), Yvon Deschamps (Rogatien's father) and Clauter Alexandre (Robert).


Le Cercle

Le Cercle was a TV game show broadcast Monday to Friday, which lasted 30 minutes, and was adapted from the French TV game show called La Cible that first started out on TVA in 2005 and that went off the air in December 2011.

Le Cercle, directed by Martin Dupont was hosted by Charles Lafortune, while Paul Houde acted as the game Emcee.


Le Banquier

Le Banquier was the Quebec adaptation of the Deal or No Deal game show, and was first broadcast on January 24, 2007, hosted by Julie Snyder.

At the start of the game, the contestants had to choose one suitcase from amongst 26. They then had to open six suitcases, before getting their first offer from the banker. If they refused the offer, they had to open five more suitcases and so on and so forth. The grand prize was $500,000.


Dieu merci!

Dieu merci! was a variety show adapted from the Australian series Thank God You're Here. The program host was Éric Salvail and it first went on the air on September 27, 2007.



Destinées was a series created by Michelle Allen, which was first broadcast on September 5, 2007.

The TV drama series revolved around Jouvence, a health-youth-beauty clinic that offered a wide range of services going from massages to aesthetic surgery. Destinées shone an uncompromising light on the ins and outs of aesthetic surgery, mirroring the concerns of our society where youth and beauty preoccupy women and men, of every generation and of all ages.

The cast included Patrice Godin, Alain Zouvi, Julie McClemens, Isabelle Brouillette, Sonia Vachon and François Chenier.


Tout simplement Clodine

On the air since 2005, Tout simplement Clodine, hosted by Clodine Desrochers, was geared towards finding practical solutions in all areas of one's daily life, as well as responsible consumption.

Clodine called upon several specialists to share with her TV viewers various tips and advice that could be easily applied to one's daily routines. According to the formula, the culinary segment was given a predominant place, but was enhanced by various other segments, such as tips and news on nutrition, consumption, gadgets, ingredients, food and food substitutes.


Star Académie

Star Académie was a reality TV series that was first broadcast by TVA in 2003. An adaptation of French television's Star Academy, it pitted 18 to 30-year-old contestants who want to become singer-performers against one another.

Every year, Star Académie aired 10 weekly galas on Sunday night, as well as 36 daily shows, from Monday to Thursday. Julie Snyder hosted the gala from the show's inception. Star Académie reached up to 3 million TV viewers for its Sunday night galas and averaged over 2 million for its daily shows.


On n'a pas toute la soirée

Broadcast in 2006 and in 2007, on Sunday evenings, this program was recorded in front of a live studio audience in a supercharged atmosphere, in a Happy Hour-type setting and ambience. The talk show, hosted by Éric Salvail was a not-to-be-missed happening that attracted an average of 1,156,000 TV viewers. In 2007, Salvail was awarded the trophy as the Best Variety Program Host at the Gala Artis for his work on On n'a pas toute la soirée.

During the program, three or four guests interact on the set. Some amazing musical performances also took place on the show.


Occupation Double

Occupation Double was a reality TV series that was first broadcast in 2003. The first two seasons were hosted by Éric Salvail. Joël Legendre took over from 2006 to 2009. He was then replaced by Pierre-Yves Lord.


Un homme mort

A police action series, written by Fabienne Larouche, Un homme mort recounted the adventures of Kim Blanchard and Paul Devault. Kim was beginning his career in the banking sector, while police officer Devault was bringing his career to a close with an investigation that was as unfathomable as it is confusing. Un homme mort is written in the tradition of a classic suspense story.

The Un homme mort series was aired in eight 60-minute episodes in 2005 and starred Karine Vanasse and Michel Barrette.



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