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Toute la vérité

Toute la vérité is a series written by Annie Piérard and Bernard Dansereau, which first aired on February 1, 2010 and that looks at the wonderful world of lawyers and more particularly that of Crown prosecutors who live in a world where the stakes are naturally very high. It's a dangerous world where it's not uncommon to have to deal with sexual attacks, murders, violence and other kinds of barbaric acts. Toute la vérité shows us courageous men and women, who have what it takes to deal with these kinds of things.


Rock et Rolland

The humorist Michel Barrette and the actor Julien Poulin join forces to create an entertaining couple on TVA in the comedy series Rock et Rolland whose broadcast began in 2010.

The TVA network and Just For Laughs enter into a partnership to produce this program that depicts the lives of baby-boomers. Michel Barrette's character (Rock) has just retired after selling his company, while Julien Poulin (Rolland) plays the role of an ex-university sociology professor. Retirement isn't easy and both men will do just about anything to make their lives exciting.


Fidèles au poste

The weekly program Fidèles au poste debuted in September 2010. Éric Salvail is the host.

The program digs deep into TVA's archives to bring back memories to TV viewers and showcases television. Two teams of three personalities participate in the show. They have to meet various challenges, such as dubbing or doing imitations. There are also musicians on the set. Likewise, artists stop by during the show. Thanks to various platforms, the general public is able to react to the program, live, in real time.



Yamaska is a soap opera created by Anne Boyer and Michel D'Astous. The series began airing on September 28, 2009.

It's the story of three families (the Harrisons, Carpentiers and Brabants) living in the small city of Granby, in the Eastern Townships, whose lives become quite dramatic when certain dark secrets come to light.

The cast includes several actors including Normand d'Amour, Chantal Fontaine, Denis Bernard, Élise Guilbault, Patricia Nolin, Patrick Labbé and Anne-Marie Cadieux.

Written by Yvon Chouinard - January, 2012



Salut, Bonjour!

Salut, Bonjour! is a morning program, which has been on the air since 1989, broadcast Monday to Friday between 5:30 and 9:00. The program was initially hosted by Claude Saucier. Guy Mongrain, Benoit Gagnon and Gino Chouinard successively took over the reins of Salut, Bonjour! On the menu: a comprehensive newscast, weather forecast, cultural, economic and sports news, as well as traffic reports. There are also different segments every morning on food, automobiles, health, multimedia, fashion, animals and getting into shape.


Le Gentleman

Le Gentleman is a series created by Anne Boyer and Michel D'Astous that was broadcast starting on October 8, 2009.

Louis Cadieux is a very mysterious and somewhat impolite double agent. When his girlfriend Kim is involved in an attack where she is a victim, Louis will do everything possible to find the guilty party.

The cast includes David Boutin in the role of Louis Cadieux, as well as Michel Barrette (Richard Beauvais), Frédéric Pierre (Gabriel Séverin), Marie-Chantal Perron (Nathalie Cadieux), Lise Dion (Marise Lavoie) and Guy Thauvette (Germain Cadieux).


La classe de 5e

La classe de 5e is a TV game show that was first broadcast on February 5, 2009. It is an adaptation of the American concept Are you Smarter than a 5th Grader? hosted by Charles Lafortune.


Annie et ses hommes

Annie et ses hommes is a TV drama series created by Annie Piérard and Bernard Dansereau. The series was aired from October 1, 2002 until April 6, 2009.

The TV drama series told the story about the lives of Annie Séguin and her family. Annie was primarily surrounded by men, including her co-owner and former boss Luigi, her brothers Denis and Éric, and her father Gilbert.

The cast notably included Guylaine Tremblay (Annie), Denis Bouchard (Hugo), Philippe Charbonneau (Maxime), Souyan Jetten-Duchesneau (Marion) and Marc Béland (Renaud).



The program Vlog, hosted by Geneviève Borne and Dominic Arpin was first aired in September 2007, but quickly went off the air on December 2, of the same year, after only 10 weeks, as it failed to meet TVA's expectations. The program returned however in the fall 2008, with a slightly modified formula and Dominic Arpin hosted the show on his own. For 30 minutes, every Sunday evening, Vlog presents the best videos, webTVs and Web sites that are creating a buzz all over the planet.

Written by Yvon Chouinard - January, 2012



La Promesse

La Promesse was a TV drama series written by Danielle Trottier and directed by Claude C. Blanchard, Martin Thibault, Stéphane Beaudoin and Lyne Charlebois, which was broadcast beginning in 2005 and ended in spring 2012.



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