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All for One (Global)

All for One followed the madcap adventures of two 12-year-olds: Tom, a sensitive, loyal adolescent, and his bold, determined female friend, Lav. Always the schemer, Lav constantly dragged Tom into her scrapes with enemies. Among the list of enemies: parents and teachers whom she viewed as unsympathetic, callous and cynical slave drivers A number of kooky characters filled out the cast, including a Transylvanian pianist named Boggy and schoolmaster Griller.


African Journey

This series chronicled the story of a 16-year-old Sudbury boy, Luke Novak, who spent the summer in Africa with his father who was working in a mine there. Luke befriends Themba Maposa, an African boy of the same age, and the two build a powerful and inspiring friendship. They face life and death situations, including a race against poachers who have invaded a game park, and a cross-country motorcycle ride to get medicine for Luke's sick father.


White Fang

The wild Canadian north during the Klondike Gold Rush days of the late 1890’s was the setting for this recounting of one of the greatest action-adventure tales of all time.  Based on the novel by Jack London, White Fang was the story of an animal, part-wolf and part husky, who struggled to prevail over both the man-made and natural conflicts that arose in his natural habitat.  Joining White Fang in his quest to combat the waste and destruction caused by the more than 50,000 people who flooded his natural world were Wendy and Weedon Scott, and his native friend, Raven Wood.  Award-winning Ca


Ready or Not

This internationally acclaimed award-winning half-hour series for "tweens" is a refreshingly honest and humorous series about two girls immersed in adolescence. Ready or Not is a Canadian success story that blossomed into a series through the Global Television Network's innovative New Producer Series.



Madison was a fast-paced character driven half-hour dramatic series set in and around an urban multicultural high school, Madison High, in Vancouver. The show traced the lives of twelve teenagers as they made tough choices while growing up. Hard-hitting, honest and wry, the stories reflected on Madison were developed with the input of teens from across Canada. Additional creative input from the cast provided a candor and insight that gave the series a refreshing authenticity rarely seen on TV.


Destiny Ridge

Destiny Ridge was a contemporary, prime-time drama series that dealt with life and death in a rustic, untamed environment. Set in the fictional town of Argent, Alberta, located within Jasper National Park in the Rocky Mountains, the series focused on the four park wardens who worked out of Argent Station, as well as members of the community, exploring their relationships with each other, with friends and with adversaries in the town and beyond.



This animated series was based on the premise of a computer brain landing on earth, beginning adventures for two young siblings, Matt aged 12 and his sister Sam, aged 10.  C.L.Y.D.E. stood for Computer Linked Yield Driven Entity, and was what the children called the computer brain.  C.L.Y.D.E. had been banished from his home planet because he had developed human characteristics, such as a sense of humour.  When Matt and Sam found C.L.Y.D.E., they hooked him up to an old jukebox to bring him back to life.  C.L.Y.D.E.



This fun-filled quiz show, hosted by comedian/actor Kevin Frank, put siblings between the ages of 7 and 12 together to answer questions that revealed just how well they really knew their families. Half the contestants were sent off-stage (a la The Newlywed Game) while Kevin asked the on-set partners a variety of questions about their families. When the other contestants returned, they would have to try and match answers to the same questions their siblings had already answered. Great prizes, upbeat music and a live audience added to the upbeat feel of the show.


Sounds Impressive

Canadian actor/musician Jim Byrnes hosted this half-hour music series that showcased Canadian performers, with a special emphasis on Western Canadian artists. Byrnes, who appeared regularly in the Vancouver area with his own band, went on location, using CanWest Production Mobile facilities, to capture a live concert feeling. Byrnes garnered a loyal following in part through his role as Lifeguard on the hit television series "Wiseguy".

Broadcast: 1992 - 1994
Time slot: Saturday 8:00 pm, repeated later at 2:00 pm Saturdays and Sundays
Running time: 30 minutes


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