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Very Bad Men

This true-crime series exposed some of the most notorious cons on record from across North America, covering a wide assortment of crime: fraud, bigamy, larceny, crimes of passion, and murder.  Each episode chronicled their crimes from an assortment of angles, from their methods to the horrendous impact they had on their victims’ lives.     



Billed as a brave youth drama, Renegadepress moved to Global in 2007  for its fourth season after spending the first three on Global’s CH  group of stations.


Pretty Dangerous

Pretty Dangerous was a crime-documentary series that followed the harrowing,true stories of “bad girls” and the seemingly endless parade of male fools they  scammed, bilked, and sometimes murdered for money.


Painkiller Jane

The first season of this show appeared on Global’s CH group of channels.  The second season moved to Global Network in the fall of 2007 . 
Based upon the PAINKILLER JANE series of comic books by Joe Quesada and Jimmy Palmiotti, the setting was sometime in the near future, in a world locked in an escalating battle against terrorism and badly dealing with social and economic unrest.   


Da Kink in My Hair

'Da Kink in My Hair was a comedic drama based on playwright and actress trey anthony's (sic) award-winning play of the same name.  Set at Letty's, a bustling hair salon in Toronto's Caribbean community, the show was a platform for a ensemble group of women to share their trials, tribulations and deep dark secrets.


Best Years, The (Global)

The Best Years was an original drama from Global Television and Aaron Martin (writer/executive producer, Degrassi: The Next Generation), capturing the highs and lows of campus life and growing up through the eyes of six college freshmen as they transitioned from being teenagers to young adults.  Though a Canadian production, the setting was a fictional Ivy League college located in Boston, Massachusetts. 


Jane Show, The

The Jane Show was a 13-episode, half-hour original comedy which kicked off  Global’s Summer ’06 primetime schedule.

Teresa Pavlinek (a Second City alumnus, plus History Bites, The Sean Cullen Show) starred as Jane Black, a thirty-something novelist who gave up her dream and joined the normal working world, only to discover it was anything but normal.


Global Currrents

This original 18-part documentary series was created to reveal extraordinary and uniquely Canadian perspectives about socially relevant issues affecting Canadians.  With Global National’s news anchor Kevin Newman, the show profiled Canadian stories and personalities that lay behind the everyday headlines.  Each one-hour show was independently produced by some of Canada’s best socio-political, environmental, humanist and scientific documentary


From The Ground Up

One of Canada’s most popular television personalities and home decorators with her own long-running television series, Debbie Travis, created a new primetime reality show series, but with a twist.  Travis brought together 12 young Canadians between the ages of 20 and 30 who needed a break or were just plain disillusioned and a bit directionless, to give them a chance to win cash, fame, or at least learn some new skills for a future career.  The task?  Literally building a luxury mansion from the ground up, all in just five weeks.



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