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On June 1st 2010 Canwest Broadcasting announced that the Global Network's fall schedule would include a new Canadian drama series starring Callum Keith Rennie.  In the new series,  to be titled Shattered, Rennie would play the role of Ben Sullivan, an unconventional homicide detective harbouring the secret of his battle with Multiple Personality Disorder.  Shattered would also star Molly Parker as Ben's wife Ella.


Rookie Blue

In the spring of 2009, with a commitment from Canwest Global already in hand, Toronto producer writer Tassie Cameron secured a thirteen episode order from the U.S. ABC Network for a new one-hour police series,to be titled Copper. Cameron had already made her mark as Executive Producer and head writer of the CTV/CBS series Flashpoint, as well as having been the co-creator of the CBC series Wild Roses.


Ice Pilots NWT

Ice Pilots NWT was a thirteen-part reality documentary series that debuted on the History Channel in 2009, and was then scheduled on the full Global network  starting on September 24th.


Project Runway Canada

This Canadian version of the US syndicated series Project Runway made its debut on the Slice specialty channel in October 2007, and was moved to the parent Global network in January 2009.

The reality series focused on fashion design, pitting contestants against one another to design clothes from a limited supply of materials, with a time limit and specific requirements regarding the theme for the clothing.


Howie Do It

Howie Do It was co-commissioned by Global and NBC in April 2008.  Starring Howie Mandel, who was at the time the host of a major US series success Deal Or No Deal, the new one-hour prime time reality program used the hidden camera technique pioneered by Candid Camera to delude unsuspecting guests into thinking that they were auditioning for a major Hollywood movie or a television series.


True Pulp Murders

Originally launched on Mystery TV in September 2007, True Pulp Murder debuted on Global on Saturday January 5th 2008 at 10:30pm.  This half-hour series, filmed in Vancouver, was billed as one-part documentary, one part graphic novel and one part detective drama.   


This Program Is About Sex

Having sold his Witness to Yesterday series to Global, Patrick Watson cast around early in 1974 for new program ideas to offer to the fledgling Ontario network. The result was a daily half-hour show titled This Program Is About Sex, for which Watson acted as Executive Producer, and Charlotte Gobeil as producer.  It was hosted by American psychologist and sex educator Sol Gordon.


Guard , The

Originally titled Search and Rescue, The Guard was a 13-part, one-hour action drama series depicting the lives of four members of the Canadian Coast Guard’s Search and Rescue team, operating in the Pacific Northwest. 

Shot in Squamish, B.C., the series was created by Raymond Storey and produced by Stephen Hegyes, Charles Bishop, Ray Storey, Shawn Williamson and Gigi Boyd of Brightlight Pictures, in cooperation with Halifax Film.


Durham County

Originally produced for The Movie Network and Movie Central in 2007, Durham County was a six-part drama series that had a second window on Global in 2008. It starred Hugh Dillon as homicide detective Mike Sweeney, who looked for a quieter suburban life after his partner had been killed. Instead, Sweeney found life even more difficult, as he had to deal with several strange happenings in what had appeared to be an idyllic community.


16:9 The Bigger Picture

Starting in the 2008-09 season, and renewed in June 2009 for the Fall, 16:9 (the title refers to the ratio of high-definition television pictures) featured host Mary Garafolo leading a team of award-winning reporters in pursuit of the stories behind the headlines, and providing profiles of Canadians who had made their marks in all walks of life.

 On June 1st 2010 Canwest announced that 16:9 would be returning to the Global schedule in the Fall.



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