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Private Eyes

Inspired by the novel “The Code” by GB Joyce, Global's new series Private Eyes debuted on the network on May 26th 2016, and ran to July 28th. The 10-episode procedural drama was filmed and set in Toronto, and followed ex-pro hockey player Matt Shade, played by Jason Priestley, whose life underwent a major change when he decided to team up with private investigator Angie Everett, played by Cindy Sampson, to form their own P.I.


Mary Kills People

Entertainment One, Cameron Pictures Inc. and Corus Entertainment announced on July 13th 2016 that principal photography had begun on Mary Kills People, a new Global original series starring Caroline Dhavernas, Jay Ryan, Richard Short, Lyriq Bent, Greg Bryk, Abigail Winters and Charlotte Sullivan.  Mary Kills People was created by Tara Armstrong.   Executive Producer was Tassie Cameron, and the director was Holly Dale, whose previous credits included The Americans, Dexter, Castle and Durham County.


Big Brother Canada

On May 30, 2012,  Shaw Media announced that they had concluded  a deal to produce a Canadian version of the popular US Big Brother series, and would team up with Canada's Insight Productions on the production of the series.

Big Brother Canada would be scheduled on the Shaw Media Slice specialty channel during the 2012-13 season.



On June 4th 2013 Global announced that a new drama series had been commissioned for the network, under the working title of Remedy. 

From creator and executive producer Greg Spottiswood, Remedy was described as  a unique, high-stakes medical drama that would go beyond the operating room and the ER, to reveal a compelling community of hospital staff who made the healing happen.


Working the Engels

On June 4th 2013 Global announced that a  new comedy, Working the Engels would be scheduled during mid-season. Working the Engels would come from writers Jane and Katie Ford.

In this  comedy, a family of ne'er-do-wells would  band together to keep their heads above water when their father and breadwinner passed away, leaving them a mountain of debt.  They would all go to work running Dad's storefront law firm, with one minor problem - daughter Jenna was the only one of them that was actually a lawyer and qualified to practice. 


Firm, The

At its Upfront presentation on May 31st, 2011, Global announced with pride that it had fifteen new scripted dramas planned for the 2011-2012 season, some of which would be on the Global Network, and others on Showcase.

Among the former was The Firm, a series of 22 60-minute episodes to be based on the John Grisham bestseller, which would be broadcast on both Global and NBC. The series would debut in mid-season 2012.


Bomb Girls

Set in 1940s Toronto, Bomb Girls was originally a six x 1-hour miniseries that explored the lives of five different women who found themselves thrust into new worlds making bombs (or, for the most part, shells) on a wartime assembly line.

The series premiered on Global on Wednesday January 4th 2012, and starred Meg Tilley as Lorna, the supervisor of the team of women workers in a Canadian factory that made munitions for the allied war effort.


Morning Show, The

In May 2011 Global announced that in the Fall they would be revamping their morning programming with the introduction of a new three-hour news and information program, to be hosted by Liza Fromer.  The Morning Show on-air team would also include Dave Gerry, Kris Reyes and Daru Dhillon. Bud Pierce was named as the Executive Producer.

In September it was announced that The Morning Show would debut on Tuesday October 11th, the day after Thanksgiving.


Combat Hospital

In July 2010 CanWest Global announced a slate of new programming in development. One of these programs  was Combat Hospital, which would be
a one-hour Canada/UK co-production set in a military hospital in Afghanistan. The drama would focus on the doctors and nurses who often had to put their own lives at risk to help save the lives of others.

In January 2011 Global Television announced that the US ABC Network had picked up the 13-episode series, which was expected to debut in the summer of 2011


Canada Sings

In July 2010, CanWest announced that a new series, to be titled Canada Sings, was in pre-production. For broadcast in 2011, the series would invite businesses and companies to form glee clubs from their staff, and enter them in competition befopre panels of celebrity judges.

The first six-episode series of Canada Sings made its debut on Wednesday, August 3rd 2011, and concluded on September 8th. The panel of judges included Jann Arden, Greg Bunberg and Rob Van Winkle, aka Vanilla Ice.



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