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In The Common Interest

Aired at various times from February 1955 to June 1956.


Here And There

A half-hour documentary show, featuring the work of various producers and different hosts as they presented aspects of life in Canada. The program drew from the example of the radio show Canadian Scene, on the Trans-Canada network, and concentrated on a single subject, such as R.C.A.F. training, shipbuilding in the Atlantic provinces, the Royal Canadian Mint, etc. Although most of the features were produced on film, the program included a number of live broadcasts in the autumn of l958.

Aired weekly, at various times, from May 1955 to November 1958.


Harmony House

Aired Thursday evenings from October 8, 1955 to April 12, 1956


Drama at Ten

One hour productions that had been previously presented on General Motors Theatre. They were: Roman Gesture, by Ira Perry, produced by Silvio Narizzano (25 July l955); Witch Magic is White?, a comedy about modern day witchcraft by Martyn Coleman, adapted by Leslie Duncan, and starring Winnifred Dennis, Tony Van Bridge, Eric Christmas, and Margaret Braidwood (l August l955); and Deadlier Than the Male, by Terry Newman (8 August l955). The next year's series included The American (l3 August l956) and Arthur Hailey's adventure play, Flight Into Danger (20 August l956).



Aired Friday evenings at  8:00 p.m., October 7, 1955 to March 30 1956



Aired Tuesday nights at 10:00 p.m., in April, 1955

This series, not to be confused with the show on CNN, offered a more civilized debate on the issues of the day. In one format, a panel of experts took questions from a studio audience. In the other format, a debate took place featuring two advocates and two challengers. After the cases were presented, the chairman summarized the ideas of both parties and then asked the audience to decide who had the stronger argument. These four shows were considered a companion to Citizens' Forum.

Producers: Art Stinson and Cliff Solway


Cross Canada Hit Parade

The CBC adapted the formula of the U.S. musical variety series, Your Hit Parade, to produce its own weekly half-hour countdown of popular music. Each week, the regulars Wally Koster, Joyce Hahn, and Phyllis Marshall, Adam Timoon (l956-57), the vocal group the MCs (or the Emcees: Harry Harding, Ken Reaney, Iver MacIver, and Ken McRae), performed with an orchestra led by Bert Niosi.

 Produced by Stan Harris, with Peter MacFarlane for the l955 season, then with Drew Crossan, and written by Saul Ilson and John Aylesworth.  Alan and Blanche Lund choreographed the show.


Citizens' Forum

Host: Gordon Hawkins of the Canadian Association for Adult Education . The CBC produced in cooperation with the Association and adapted the formula for television from its successful radio public affairs and opinion series, which had already run for twelve years. The program continued on radio through the l955-56 season, after the television broadcasts began.

Aired Tuesdays 10:00-10:30 p.m., from October 1955 to March 1956; later aired on Sundays 3:00-3:30 p.m., from October 1956 to April 1962.

Written by John Corcelli - April, 2002


Cabbages and Kings

Aired Wednesday nights at 10:30 PM during the summer of 1955

This 30 minute talk/discussion program was produced in Vancouver. It featured such notables as Northrop Frye, Jack Webster, Bill McConnell and Roderick Haig-Brown. The subjects ranged from crime & society to Canadian literature.
Moderator: Arthur Phelps

Written by John Corcelli - February, 2005



Aired Thursday evenings at 8:00 PM from September 8 to October 20, 1955

Produced in Winnipeg, this 30 minute program was set in a nightclub and featured music and dance in a cabaret style. It was the first variety show produced in Winnipeg. 
Host/emcee: Marsh Phimister
Singers: Maxine Ware and Ann MacLeod
Dancer: Del Wagner
Music by the Mitch Parks Orchestra

Written by John Corcelli - February, 2005



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