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Take a Look

Aired weekly, after school, during the 1955/56 semester.

A 15 minute program aimed at younger viewers, the show's concept was simple: take objects from a museum and put them on television. Dick Sutton gave short talks about natural history using specimens from the Manitoba Museum. [See Discoveries]
Host: Dick Sutton

Written by John Corcelli - February, 2005



See: CGE Show, The

The program's title changed to C.G.E. Showtime, and it then became known simply as Showtime.


Riding High

Aired Friday nights at 9:00 PM from November 18 to December 30, 1955.

A short run, 30 minute musical show from Vancouver. Each episode provided a different setting, such as a late 19th Century music hall or a western saloon, and featured songs typical of the era.

Producer: Mario Prizek
Cast: Ron Beckett, Eleanor Collins, Don Francks, Pat Kirkpatrick and the Four Bits.

Written by John Corcelli - February, 2005



Aired on Thursday nights in the first season, June to September 1955; Second season on Sunday nights, May to September 1956; Third season on Tuesday nights from July to October 1957.


Producers' Workshop

Aired Friday nights at 10:30 PM in the summer of 1955.



Aired Saturday evenings during the summer of 1955.

A documentary oriented program featuring a variety of places of interest in Canada. Some of the programs looked at the planning of the St. Lawrence Seaway, veterinarians at an animal hospital, visitors to St. Joseph's Oratory in Montreal, Toronto's Rosedale neighbourhood, and life in Toronto's Chinatown.
Producer: David Marcus-Roland.

Written by John Corcelli - February, 2005


Mr. Fixit

A home repair/construction program.

Peter Whittall had been introduced to the television viewer on the evening series, Living, where he demonstrated crafts and simple home repair. He also appeared on radio's Assignment program on a weekly basis. For this 15 minute program, Whittall demonstrated to the show's host, Rex Loring, how to handle basic tasks in home construction, carpentry, and repair. Producers: Don MacPherson [1955-1962] Bill Bolt [1963-1965].

Hosts: Peter Whittall, (Mr. Fixit) with Rex Loring.


Magic of Music, The

Aired Tuesday afternoons from November 1955 to June 1958.


Maggie Muggins

A 15 minute program for children.

Writer Mary Grannan created Maggie Muggins, a freckle-faced girl in a gingham dress, with her red hair pulled back in two long pigtails. Her stories had been heard on CBC radio and in print for years before Maggie and her friends in the meadow materialized on television in l955.

Principle cast:
As Maggie Muggins: Beth Morris [1955], Deanne Taylor [1956-1959], Mary Long [1959-1962]

As Mr. McGarrity: John Drainie (l955-56), Frank Peddie (l956-59), and Doug Master (l959-62) .

Producers: Dick Knowles and Francis Chapman.


Jackie Rae Show, The

After serving for several years as CBC's Variety chief, singer Jackie Rae resigned in 1955  and immediately began his own eponymous series, The Jackie Rae Show.  The orchestra was conducted by Jack Kane, with singing group The Four Grads (who included Billy Van in their number) and a string of Canadian and U.S. guests, including Steve Lawrence and Eydie Gorme, Jeri Southern, Andy Williams, Don Cherry (the other one), Polly Bergen, Felicia Saunders and Dorothy Collins.

 The series ran for three years. It was produced and directed by Norman Sedawie and written by Frank Peppiatt.



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