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Life and Times

Aired weekly from 1997 to 2006

This hour long documentary series borrowed its ideas from A&E’s Biography program. This series featured co-productions with CBC and offered viewers a cross-section of Canadian biographies from business, politics, sports and the Arts. It often featured interviews with the subjects themselves while remaining slightly critical of their careers in a particular field. Gordon Pinsent introduced the program in the first couple of seasons followed by Ann-Marie MacDonald. 


It's A Living

A weekly 30 minute program about different occupations in Canada, featuring Peter Jordan who tries his hand at a variety of jobs such as a truck driver, ballet dancer; helicopter test-pilot, and speed skater. The program was based in Winnipeg, Manitoba. It debuted in 1997 as a regular series after being seen as an entertaining segment on Midday and 50Up, that was presented by Jordan. Executive Producer was John Baker and the theme music was written by Peter Jordan

Written by John Corcelli - February, 2004


Dooley Gardens

Pilot aired October 26, 1997. Five more episodes aired weekly from March 10, 1999 to April 7, 1999. [Repeated in 2000]

This half-hour comedy was about Dooley Gardens, the oldest indoor hockey rink in St. John's Nfld.,  run by supervisor Marilyn Benoit (Mary Walsh) and frequented by a cast of characters who were in constant crisis. Only six episodes were broadcast. A Mary Sexton, Rink Rat Production co-produced with the CBC. Walsh and Jones first hooked up on Codco, ten years earlier.

Principal Cast:


Dawn of the Eye

Aired Sunday nights from January 19, 1997 to February 16, 1997

This five part series of one-hour programs was a co-production of CBC and BBC. It was led by Mark Starowicz who brought As It Happens to radio and The Journal to television. This series was a short, critical history of broadcast news; how it came into being and how it developed into all-news networks such as CNN.

Although television only came into homes in North America in the early 1950s, Dawn of the Eye looked at 100 years of visual newsgathering including newsreels that captured historical events on film.


Wind At My Back

Aired weekly over five seasons,  from December 1, 1996 to December 3, 2000

Sullivan Entertainment produced this hour-long drama in association with the CBC, with the participation of Telefilm Canada and the assistance of the Ontario Film Investment Program and the Cable Production Fund.

Set in Ontario in the 1930s, "Wind at My Back" followed Honey, her children and the Bailey family through the Great Depression. Strong acting, award-winning cinematography and great scripts made for a popular series in Canada and in syndication around the world.

Principal Cast:


Up On The Roof

Aired at various times, from October 7, 1996 to December 24, 1996
This half-hour music program was produced in Halifax. It featured a simple setting and one artist or group per show. The series featured Bruce Guthro, Cindy Church, John Morris Rankin, Laura Smith, Jerry Holland, Lisa McDougall, Brett Ryan and the Saint John String Quartet.

Written by John Corcelli - April, 2006


Travels With My Mom

Aired Saturdays, at various times, from February 3, 1996 to December 28, 1996. Second series aired from January 10, 1998 to May 2, 1998.


Sesame Park

Aired weekday afternoons, from October 21, 1996 to February 14, 2001

This half-hour children’s program was a Canadian version of Sesame Street. It was a co-production of the CBC and the Children’s Television Workshop. It featured its own cast of Canadian puppets: Louis the Otter, Basil the Polar Bear, Katie, Chaos the Cat, Dodi and their human friend Ray; along with French and English filmed and animated inserts. Cast: Bob Stutt (Basil), Karen Valleau (Chaos), Noreen Young (Dodi), Trish Leeper (Katie) and Pier Kohl (Louis).


Rez, The

Aired weekly from February 23, 1996 to March 29, 1996; the second series aired from Sept. 24, 1997 to December 17, 1997.

This hour-long drama about aboriginal young people was adapted from the Canadian film called Dance Me Outside. Author W.P. Kinsella wrote the book, Dance Me Outside, and was a consultant on this series with Peter Mitchell. Bruce McDonald, who directed the feature film, acted as Executive Producer of this series, along with Norman Jewison.

Principal Cast:


Prairie Roadhouse

Aired from October 12, 1996 to April 14, 1997

This half-hour music program was produced in Regina. Its principal feature was a studio performance in front of an audience. The camera also went behind the scenes to offer an exclusive look at the musicians and their “prairie roots”. Some of the artists who appeared include Carson Cole, Lorraine Hartsook, Stephanie Thompson and the groups The Minnow and Wide Mouth Mason. Trevor Grant was the producer of the series.

Written by John Corcelli - April, 2006



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