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72 Hours: True Crime

This half-hour drama was taken from the files of Canadian police stories about important crimes. The producers interviewed the officers and detectives involved as a series of re-creations told the story of a particular actual case. The title was taken from the common police notion that the first 72 hours were critical in solving a murder, based on the activities of the victim’s final hours.

46 episodes were broadcast between January 15, 2004  and March 12, 2007


Shattered City: The Halifax Explosion

A two-part mini-series dramatizing the events of the Halifax explosion. On December 6, 1917, two ships collided in Halifax harbour. One of the ships, bound for Europe, was loaded with munitions. The blast leveled most of the city [approximately 2 square kilometers] leaving 2,000 dead and 9,000 injured as a result of flying glass and debris.


An American In Canada

An American in Canada starred Rick Roberts as Jake Crewe, acerbic host of Good Morning Phoenix, the "number one TV morning show west of Albuquerque". After beating up his station manager, Jake finds a job in Canada hosting Wake Up Calgary, the third rated morning show in the market. For a fast rising star who dreamed of co-hosting Dateline with Stone Phillips, this was a nightmare.



Online and late night: they were the two aspects of the entity that was ZeD. In its late-night incarnation, host Sharon Lewis “probed light and original live music, dance and spoken word performances by groundbreaking artists; frontline indie-culture reportage by a crew of cross-Canada video correspondents; intimate chats with culture creators who were making a stir; and innovative short film, video, animation, music, spoken-word,and visual art pieces from around the  world.” [from cbc.ca/zed]


Broad Side, The

Aired Monday nights at 9PM from March 5, 2001 to April 9, 2001

Based on a radio show, this television series featured the talents of four of Canada’s best comedic actors: Susan Coyne, Diane Flacks, Kathryn Greenwood and Erin McMurtry. This series had an historical theme as each woman visited a particular year in history. The show was directed by Ann Camilleri and produced by Jane Ford. Ford and Diane Flacks took four years to write the series after its success on Morningside.



These Arms of Mine

Aired weekly from November 3, 2000 to December 8, 2000. Repeated in 2001.


Canada: A People's History


An epic 17-part documentary charting the country's past, the series chronicled the rise and fall of empires, the clash of great armies and historical rebellions. An original CBC production under the auspices of Mark Starowicz, Executive Producer, this series proved to be very popular with audiences across Canada and is frequently seen in the History classrooms of the nation on Video and DVD.

Episode titles and first airdates:

When The World Began, October 22, 2000

Adventurers and Mystics: October 29, 2000

Claiming the Wilderness, October 31, 2000


Nothing Too Good For a Cowboy

Aired weekly from February 7, 1999 to February 7, 2000

This hour-long romantic comedy was a feature film on CBC in 1998. It was developed into a continuing series that ran the following year. The film was directed by Kari Skogland and featured the likable Sarah Chalke as Gloria McIntosh. Chalke continued as the lead in the series. She later appeared as Dr. Eliot Reid on the NBC show, Scrubs.


Great Canadian Food Show, The

Aired weekly, at various times, from October 4, 1998 to January 10, 1999. [Repeated in 1999 & 2000]

Carlo Rota hosted this half-hour food show, in which he took viewers to different ethnic neighbourhoods in Canada to highlight the regional influences on ethnic cuisine. A typical show might have a feature on Saskatchewan blueberries, mushrooms from the Gatineau Hills in Quebec, and a tour of Vancouver’s Chinatown. Chris Knight Enterprises Inc. produced the show in association with the CBC. The production was based in Ottawa.

Executive Producer: Chris Knight


Cover Me

Aired over three nights from September 26 to 28, 1999.

An espionage thriller involving a Quebecois CSIS agent Pascale Laurier (Caroline Neron) who had been given a special undercover assignment with RCMP Corporal Andrew Chase (Colin Ferguson). Six hour-long episodes were broadcast over three nights, as a prelude to what was potentially to be a continuing series. It was a co-production between CBC and Alliance Atlantis, but the series was never picked up, and  some viewers thought themselves “cheated” of any conclusion to the drama.

Principal Cast:



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