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Celebration (Television)

Aired Tuesday evenings from September 1975 to May 1976.

Tommy Ambrose was the host of this half hour program of gospel music featuring the Celebration Choir. The show was notable for being given a time-slot on Tuesday nights, rather than being buried in the Sunday morning schedule. All the music was put into a spiritual context ,with short interviews with people talking about the deeper meaning of the songs.

Doug Riley, jazz pianist and arranger, prepared all the music for Ambrose and choir. The show was produced for the CBC by Bill Davis and Sam Lovullo.



Léon was a little Cyclops who really likes to play tricks on others and take risks. Crafty and resourceful, he always succeeded in getting out of hot water. His cute smile often helped him get what he wanted. He was charming, naïve and sometimes even a little foolhardy, which made him quite entertaining. This cartoon character who also inhabited children's books was the fruit of Annie Groovie's imagination, assisted by Ghislain Cyr, Paul Paré, Terence Bowman, Bernard Deniger, Muguette Berthelet and Manon Berthelet. Léon was directed by Ghislain Cyr and Annie Groovie.



In the enchanting surroundings of Île d’Orléans, Radio-Canada’s first colour production, d’Iberville, took shape. Totalling 39 thirty-minute episodes of in all, this historical fresco, in which Switzerland, Belgium and France collaborated, starred Albert Millaire, Gilles Pelletier, Jean Besré, Françoise Faucher and Yvon Deschamps. It aired from October 7, 1968 to June 23, 1969, then was retelecast in 1970.



After Le Survenant (1954) and Au chenal du moine (1957), Germaine Guèvremont followed up with a new TV soap opera: Marie-Didace. In it, he described the life of a young girl and several characters involved in her life.

From 1958 (first broadcast: September 25) to 1959, Radio-Canada aired 32 episodes of Marie-Didace. This TV soap opera, directed by Jo Martin,  starred Patricia Nolin, Béatrice Picard, Mathieu Poulin and Benoît Girard.


Jake and the Kid

The return of W.O. Mitchell's beloved short stories, first a TV series on CBC from 1961 to 1963, were brought to life in this family series shot in Alberta. Set in a small prairie town of Crocus, Saskatchewan where the community has finally put the scars of World War II behind it, Jake and the Kid depicted life not necessarily as it was but how we all wish it had been. The stories centred around Ben Osbourne (the kid) and Jake, the hired hand. Ben (played by Ben Campbell) was a boy with poetry in his soul that the prairie landscape brought out in him even more.


Return Journey

In this series, eight international real-life celebrities returned to their native countries in what became, for each of them,  intensely personal voyages of discovery.  Wilf Carter returned to the world famous Calgary Stampede. One of the world’s greatest tenors, Placido Domingo, returned to the city of his roots, Madrid.  Indian actor Victor Banerjee was astounded by the emotions of his voyage home to India.  And actress Susannah York took a fascinating odyssey to Scotland.  Other episodes included Stefanie Powers in Kenya, Omar Sharif in Egypt, Kiri Te Kanawa in New Zealand, and Margot K


Strange but True

A Canadian/British co-production had host Barry Morse sitting in a library, surrounded by old books that he referred to as he introduced a variety of strange but true stories. While some were presented as being of the supernatural kind, many stories were barely strange at all, according to critics. For example, one show was about a man leaving his car with a bank as collateral for a loan, but his motive, later revealed, was to avoid parking charges while vacationing.


Sue Lumsden Show, The

A daily afternoon interview show, hosted by Sue Lumsden.

Written by Joanne Ingrassia - January, 2004



Focus Ontario

A provincial news magazine show that began in the 1980’s and was still on air in 2018.

Broadcast: 1980’s – 
Time Slot: Saturday6:30 pm
Running time: 30 minutes

Written by Joanne Ingrassia - January, 2004




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