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Living Sea, The

Aired Sunday afternoons from July 1957 to March 1958. Repeated in the summer of 1962.

A program dedicated to the world's oceans hosted by Ian McTaggart-Cowan, professor of zoology at the University of British Columbia. The program explored the origins of the oceans, sea life, navigation and everything else aquatic. Producer: Ken Bray in Vancouver.


Written by John Corcelli - February, 2005


Golf With Stan Leonard

Host: Stan Leonard. Co-host: Ted Reynolds. Producer: Doug Gillingham, Vancouver. Filmed at the Point Grey Golf Course.

A series of thirteen basic golf lessons by a Canadian Professional.

Written by John Corcelli - April, 2002


Concert Hour, The

A classical music program, was produced in Montreal and transmitted on both English and French stations, and included commentary in both languages. CBFT-TV had presented L'Heure du Concert every other week, alternating with Teletheatre, but the musical show changed to a weekly broadcast when the network picked it up in the spring of l954. Performers included Glenn Gould, Robert Savoie, Marielle Pelletier, Herta Glaz, Louis Quilico, and Rosalyn Tureck.

Aired Thursday evenings from May 1954 to March 1958

Written by John Corcelli - April, 2002


Burns Chuckwagon

A western variety program. Originated from various cities in British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba and was carried on the Dominion network Thursdays at 8 pm from 1948 to 1951. A television version debuted in 1954 on the CBC.

Performers: Juliette as the Belle of the Chuck Wagon, the Rhythm Pals, Bert Williams and the Saddle Lads. Hosted by Barney Potts. Producer: Fred McDowell.


Written by John Corcelli - January, 2002



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