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Hobby Show, The

Aired twice in 1952: September 10 and 17

One of the very first programs produced by Norman Campbell, this show provided advice to homemakers, and lasted for only two broadcasts in the first weeks of television from Toronto. Campbell later made his mark in the arts, producing musicals and ballet for CBC Televison. He died in December of 2004.


Written by John Corcelli - February, 2005


Cowboys' Corner

Aired three days a week at 5:30 pm from December 29 1952 to December 31, 1953.

A half-hour program of western films for children in the first year of CBC television. 
Producers: Joanne Hughes and Peggy Nairn

Written by John Corcelli - February, 2005


Court of Opinions

Aired Wednesday nights at 9:30PM from September 10 to  November 26 1952

Debuting on the second night of television in Canada, this panel show was an adaptation of a CBC radio show. Two guests joined the regular panel in a discussion of current events.

Host: Neil Leroy
Panelists: Lister Sinclair, Kate Aitken
Producer: Drew Crossan

Written by John Corcelli - February, 2005



Concert made its debut on Canadian television in September of 1952. Its simple presentation of televised classical concerts continued on an inconsistent basis until 1965. This meant that the program was often seen during the summer or for short month-long sessions. Most of the programs featured guest vocalists and conductors, with a strong Canadian presence. In fact, each show had at least one composition by a Canadian. Many of the later programs in the series originated in Winnipeg, featuring Louis Applebaum, Victor Feldbrill, and The Winnipeg Symphony Orchestra.


CGE Showtime

Aired weekly on Sunday evenings, from September 1952 to June 1959. This popular radio show made the transition to television with equal success. Canadian General Electric, CGE, who stayed with the show until 1959, sponsored the program. The show was definitely a part of the “golden age” of television, noted for lavish production numbers and formal attire. Don Cameron and Pat Patterson usually demonstrated the latest products from General Electric including washers, dryers, polishers and vacuum cleaners. The original host was Joyce Sullivan. 


CBC Television Theatre

From its first week, and for nearly a decade after, the CBC English language service featured a regular ninety-minute program of television drama. At the time, in fact, it was the only hour and a half drama on the air in North America. CBC Television Theatre, also known as CBC Theatre, was the title for the sustaining series. Mavor Moore, the chief producer for CBC Television in Toronto, served as the series' supervisor, and produced programs, in rotation with Robert Allen, Peter McDonald, David Greene, and Silvio Narizzano.


C.G.E. Showtime

After four very successful years on radio, this series became one of the first variety shows to appear on CBC Television. Sponsored by Canadian General Electric,  C.G.E. Showtime( originally The CGE Show) featured the Leslie Bell Singers, and the Howard Cable Orchestra. The show starred Charles Jordan and Joyce Sullivan, and dancers Gladys Forrester and Jackie Kay.


Big Revue, The

Produced and directed by Don Hudson,  The Big Revue was a weekly live one-hour variety show.  It was hosted by Toby Robins, and later by Bud Knapp, and the orchestra was under the direction of Samuel Hersenhoren, with the Gino Silvi Singers. Some of the performers who starred in the series were comics Doug Romaine and Mildred Morey, and singer Phyllis Marshall.

 Alan and Blanche Lund led a dance team that included Lorraine Thomson, Babs Christie, Anna Wilmot, Bill Yule, Andy Body, Bob Van Norman and Lloyd Malenfant.


Saturday Night Wrestling

Aired after the 11:00 PM news in the mid-1950s.


Living Sea, The

Aired Sunday afternoons from July 1957 to March 1958. Repeated in the summer of 1962.

A program dedicated to the world's oceans hosted by Ian McTaggart-Cowan, professor of zoology at the University of British Columbia. The program explored the origins of the oceans, sea life, navigation and everything else aquatic. Producer: Ken Bray in Vancouver.


Written by John Corcelli - February, 2005



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