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Newsroom, The

A satiric comedy about a local TV newsroom. Written, produced and directed by Ken Finkleman. Original cast: Ken Finkleman, Jeremy Hotz, Mark Farrell, Tanya Allen, Peter Keleghan, Dave Huband, Karen Hines and Julie Khaner. Guests included Pamela Wallin, Eddie Shack, David Cronenberg and Hugh Segal. It originally aired from 1996 to 1997 as a two year series, only to return in January 2004 for 13 episodes. The new cast featured Finkleman, Keleghan and Karen Hines, with newcomers Douglas Bell, Alberta Watson, Jody Racicot, Matt Watts and Holly Lewis.



Aired four times a week, at various times, from September 23, 1996 to December 21, 2000.

Jonathan Torrens was the host of this half-hour program for young adults that included fast-paced discussion and debate on topical issues as well as sketch comedy and music. The show was entirely based around Torrens, a successful actor in his own right, whose caustic presentation had a strong appeal to young adult audiences. The program was intelligent, interesting and fun. Torrens later became a regular cast member of Trailer Park Boys as J-Rock.




Aired weekly from October 2, 1996 to November 10, 1997 [with repeats]


Four Directions

Aired Thursday nights from November 28, 1996 to December 19, 1996


Black Harbour

Aired Friday nights from December 4, 1996 to February 5, 1999

This hour-long drama was a Fogbound Films Inc. and Topsail Entertainment Ltd. production in association with the CBC and with the participation of Telefilm Canada, the Nova Scotia Film Development Corporation and the Canadian Television and Cable Production Fund.



Aired weekly from October 1995 to April 2001


Pamela Wallin Live

Aired from September 11, 1995 to March 4, 2000.


Nic and Pic

Aired Wednesday afternoons from September 1975 to March 1976. Aired in same time slot during the winter of 1977.
This was a children's program produced in Montreal and dubbed for the English network.
It was the story of two puppet mice, Nic and Pic, and their international adventures as they travelled by balloon around the world. Madeleine Kronby, who voiced the character of Pic, played Louise on Chez Helene in the 1960s.
Puppets were designed and operated by Pierre Regimbald and Michel Frechette. Joan Stuart provided the voice of Nic.



Liberty Street

Aired Wednesday nights from January 11, 1995 to February 14, 1996. [With repeats]


Howie Mandel's Sunny Skies

Aired from October 4, 1995 to November 8, 1995; June 7, 1997 to August 16, 1997

Howie Mandel, the caustic yet humorous comedian from Toronto, hosted this half-hour sketch comedy series. It featured a talented cast: Tim Bagley, Jennifer Butt, Rob Cohen, Stephen Furst, Deborah Theaker and Derek Carkner as Sprinkles. Showtime picked up the series and broadcast it in the United States.



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