CBC Radio

Max Ferguson Show, The

A weekly radio program of variety and commentary, which  premiered on October 1, 1962 and aired every Saturday until September 5, 1998. Host: Max Ferguson, with contributions from Alan McFee and Shelagh Rogers.



Sunday Morning Magazine

A weekly current affairs program which aired on the AM network from 1961 to 1969.

SEE: Sunday Magazine; Sunday Morning.


Off The Record

Aired daily at 11AM on CBC Stereo/FM network from 1960 to August 30, 1996 

Taking recordings from his personal collection, amiable host Bob Kerr entertained and enriched listeners with the finest in Classical music. A wide variety of music was featured but Kerr’s affection for the organ often dominated the proceedings. Nevertheless, Kerr’s enthusiasm for good music struck a chord with listeners across the country. Kerr retired from the CBC in 1996.

The series was produced in Vancouver. 


Producer: Neil Ritchie



A program about interesting people, places and events.

Life span October 1, 1956 to October 1, 1971.
From 1956 to 1962, it occupied 60 minutes; from 1962 to 1965 - 30 minutes; from 1965 to 1971, it ran in 5-minute installments six times a day.

Principal host - Bill McNeil. Co-host during the first five years - Maria Barrett.
Producers: Sandy Stewart, Nan Dobson and Harry J. Boyle who also served as the first executive producer.


Ford Theatre

Radio drama program sponsored by the Ford Motor Company from the CBC's Toronto studios on the Dominion network in the early 1950s, Fridays from 9.00 to 10.00 pm.

Host: Byng Whittaker. Producer: Alan Savage.

Written by John Corcelli - January, 2002


Brave Voyage

A Canadian-produced soap opera sponsored by Lever Brothers: the story of a young Canadian woman who discovered that life could be a rich, rewarding adventure.

CBC Trans Canada Network, Monday through Friday, 2.00-2.15 pm Eastern time from May 9, 1949 to 1951. Cast included Peggy Brown, Jane Mallett, Beth Lockerbie, Jack Scott, Syd Brown. Producer: Esse Ljungh. Announcer: John Rae.


Written by John Corcelli - January, 2002



A program of political satire and recorded music, carried on the CBC's Trans Canada network and (later) the CBC AM network from 1946 to 1962. From 1946 to 1951 the segment ran at 8:30 am on After Breakfast Breakdown; beginning January 1, 1951, daily from 6:40 pm to 7pm, following the news.

Written, performed and hosted by Max Ferguson.  "Rawhide" was a satirical character first created by Ferguson during his early radio days in Halifax.

Written by John Corcelli - January, 2002


Small Types Club

When CBC radio announcer Byng Whitteker returned to Canada after being seconded to the BBC for the last two years of the war, 1943-45, one of the first new shows he created was Small Types Club, a weekday lunchtime radio program for children.

Children would make a daily date with the show, which was heralded by Ann Stephens' recording of the Teddy Bears' Picnic, and wouldn't leave their sets until Byng ended each program as he always did, by admonishing the kids to "Ssssscoot! Out to play. Back into bed, off to school or whatever mother tells you."


Stage '45 ('46, etc)

A continuing 60-minute program Sundays at 10.00 pm Eastern time featuring original radio drama and comedy. Introduced on the CBC Trans Canada network January 23, 1944; concluded October 9, 1955. Latterly, was renamed "CBC Stage".

Executive Producer: Andrew Allan, who went on to be appointed Supervisor of Drama at the CBC.

Principal writers: Lister Sinclair, Len Peterson, Joseph Schull, John Bethune and Hugh Kemp.

Acting company: John Drainie, Budd Knapp, Jane Mallett, Mavor Moore and Barbara Kelly, among others from Toronto's pool of fine actors.


Leicester Square to Broadway

A program of Music Hall tunes from the "gaslight" era, produced in Vancouver and carried on the CBC's Trans Canada network from 1943 to 1949, Tuesday evenings from 10.30 to 11.00 pm Eastern time.
Producers: Eric Vale, Bill Carr and Frank Vyvyan.

Performers included Isabelle McEwan, William Kahn and Mary Mack. Music conductor - Harry Pryce.


Written by John Corcelli - January, 2002




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