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Royal Canadian Air Farce

A weekly comedy/satire program that aired from October 5, 1975 to 1993. Written and performed by Don Ferguson, Roger Abbott, Luba Goy, Dave Broadfoot and John Morgan.

 SEE: The Entertainers.


Touch The Earth

A weekly folk music program that aired on the Stereo network from 1974 to 1980.

Host: Sylvia Tyson.


Great Canadian Gold Rush, The

A weekly pop music program that aired on the Radio network from 1974 to 1980.
Host: Terry David Mulligan.


Music Alive

A weekly program featuring contemporary classical music. Aired from 1973 to 1975.



Gilmour's Albums

A weekend program featuring recordings from the large personal library of Clyde Gilmour.

Aired from 1972 to June 1997. Producer: Fraser MacDonald.


Entertainers, The

A weekly 90 minute variety program, featuring music, interviews and comedy by the Royal Canadian Air Farce - Roger Abbot, Don Ferguson, Luba Goy and John Morgan, who later went on to have their own series, first on radio and then on television.

Aired from 1972 to 1979. Hosts: Juliette, Jim Wright.



Eclectic Circus

A variety/music program with 'no philosophy', airing Monday to Thursday nights at midnight, and notable for its host's offbeat humour. Later it aired on Saturday mornings from 9am to 1030am.

Aired from September 14, 1972 to September 16, 1989. Host: Allan McFee. Producer: Hedley Jones.


This Country In The Morning

A daily current affairs/variety program that aired on the AM network from 1971 to 1977.

Hosts: Helen Hutchinson (1971); Peter Gzowski. (1971-4); Michael Enright (1974); Judi LaMarsh (1974-74) .  Hana Gartner (1976-77).

 In 1977 the program evolved into Morningside, when it was hosted by Don Harron.


Fresh Air

A weekend program, airing Saturday and Sunday mornings, featuring stories on unique Canadians and their occupations and experiences. Debuted September 28, 1970 .

Hosts: Bill McNeil, Tom Allen, Jeff Goodes [1998-ongoing].


Choral Concert

A weekly choral music program airing Sunday mornings on the FM/Stereo/Radio Two network from 8am to 10am. Debuted February 1970.

  Hosts: Ralph Roose [1970-1976], Jon Washburn [1976-1980], Howard Dyck [1980 ongoing].



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