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Transcontinental, The

A weekly program featuring the musical history of Europe. Debuted in 1980 and ran until 2002. Aired Sunday afternoons on Radio Two.

Host: Otto Lowy, whose continental charm and evocative anecdotes and verbal pictures brought the music to life in most meaningful fashion.



Aired weekly from July 4, 1980 to May 13, 1983 Produced in Edmonton, this radio drama series offered tales of the supernatural, horror and science fiction. The show often attracted negative mail due to the frightening nature of the episodes, yet it lasted for three years and produced some original dramatic episodes not heard since the 1960s. Adaptations of The Monkey’s Paw, The Tell-Tale Heart and The Body Snatchers were among the 100 episodes broadcast during its run. Producer: Bill Howell

Written by John Corcelli - October, 2007




A weekly jazz music program on the Stereo network, broadcast Saturday afternoons, from April 1980 to 1983. Hosts: Gavin Walker (Vancouver)[1980-1982]; Don Warner (Halifax)[1982-1983].



Two New Hours

A weekly program of contemporary/avant garde/new music that debuted in 1978. Aired Sunday nights from 8pm to 10pm.

Original producer: David Jaegar. Hosts: Warren Davis [1978-1986]; Augusta LaPaix; Richard Paul; Larry Lake.


Don Harron's Morningside

A daily variety program that aired from 9am to Noon on the AM/Radio/Radio One network, featuring folk music, literature, film and theatre commentary, hosted by Don Harron. Ran from 1977 to 1982.

Then changed to Morningside in 1982 with host, Peter Gzowski, to 1998. Executive Producers during the run: Richard Bronstein, Gary Michael Dault, Fran Cutler and Nicole Belanger.


Written by John Corcelli - January, 2002


Sunday Morning

A weekly current affairs program that aired on Radio network from November 1976 to c1982, from 9am to Noon.

Executive Producer: Mark Starowicz. Hosts: Warner Troyer; Bronwyn Drainie; Patrick Martin; Barbara Smith; Russ Patrick; Michael Enright.


Quirks and Quarks

A weekly science program, created by Diana Filer, which debuted in 1976. Aired Saturdays from Noon to 1 pm.

Original producer: Ivan Fecan. Hosts: David Suzuki [1976-1979]; Jay Ingram [1979-1992]; Bob McDonald [1992-ongoing].


Ninety Minutes With a Bullet

A weekly pop music program that aired on the Radio network Wednesdays from November 1976 to April, 1981, 830pm to 10pm.

Host: Linden Soles.


Mostly Music

A daily program of classical music, on the Stereo network, that aired from 1976 to 1984.
Hosts: Howard Dyck [1976-1980]; Barclay McMillan [1980-1981]; Peter McCoppin [1981-1982]; Shelagh Rogers [1982-1984]; Arthur Zimmerman [1984].


Arts National

A daily program featuring classical music, book, film and theatre reviews as well as news about the Arts in Canada. Originally produced in Ottawa, later Toronto, Ontario. The show also aired live classical concerts from Toronto and Ottawa. Debuted on the Stereo network November 1 1976, and ran until 1987.

Executive Producer: Keith Horner. Hosts: Karin Wells [1976-1982], Jim Wright, Ian Alexander [1982-1987], Art Cuthbert, Terry Campbell.



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