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Double Exposure

On February 7th 1987, husband and wife comedy team Linda Cullen and Bob Robertson began what was to become a remarkable ten and a half year run on CBC Radio, with the their political satire half-hour series Double Exposure.

Their accurate impressions of politicians, public figures, and occasionally royalty, earned them a loyal radio audience. Produced at CBC Vancouver, the show played at 11:35 a.m. Saturdays on CBC AM and 2 p.m. Sundays on FM.



A daily program of classical and jazz music airing from 3pm to 6pm, on CBC Stereo/Radio Two, Monday to Friday. Debuted in 1985. Host: Jurgen Gothe.




Aired daily at 1PM on CBC Stereo from 1985 to December 29, 1995. Leon Cole was the beloved host of this all-request program that at one time had a daily audience measured at 300,000. The format was simple: play music that listeners want to hear and invite them to tell a personal story about the music and their connection to it. This tradition continued on Take Five and Here’s To You on Radio 2. Cole hosted the program from Winnipeg and in its final year, collected all of the mail and wrote a book about it in 1996.


Finkleman's 45s

A weekly program featuring Pop music from the 1955 to 1975 era on 45 rpm records in Danny Finkleman's personal collection. Debuted October 5, 1985. Saturday nights.




A daily talk show from Vancouver, B.C. hosted by Vicki Gabereau. Debuted in 1985, and aired daily on the Radio network from 2pm to 4pm. Vicki later had her own television talk show series on CTV.



Brave New Waves

Aired Sunday to Thursday from Midnight to 4AM. February 5, 1984 to March 16, 2007 


Radio Show, The

A weekly variety program originating from Winnipeg that featured Jack Farr, aka Captain Radio, as host. As described by the CBC Radio Guide, “a wildly unpredictable program…portions of which its studiedly bombastic host insists are currently being pirated by a prestigious New York-based show.” Interviews with experts from politics, music, movies and sports made up the program.


Basic Black

A weekly magazine program hosted by Arthur Black. Debuted on the Radio network, in July 1983; ongoing. Originally aired Saturdays from 10am to 1130am. Produced in Vancouver, B.C.



Saturday Afternoon at the Opera

A weekly program featuring a complete opera performance, usually from the Metropolitan Opera in New York City. The Opera Quiz at intermission featured various personalities fromt he world of opera.

Debuted April 1982 on CBC Stereo (ongoing).

Executive Producer: Robert Cooper. Host: Bill Hawes [1982-1987], Howard Dyck (1987 - to date).



 A daily variety program that aired from 9am to noon on the AM Radio/Radio One network, featuring folk music, literature, film and theatre commentary. Originally known as 'Don Harron's Morningside', from 1977 to 1982. Then changed to Morningside in 1982 with host, Peter Gzowski, to 1998.

Executive Producers during the run: Richard Bronstein, Gary Michael Dault, Fran Cutler and Nicole Belanger.



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